How Digital Technology has Changed the Way We Parent?

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In the past two decades, technology has evolved at a rapid pace. And as you can imagine, this changed our society quite a bit. One of the major changes is also in the way we raise our children. Kids played outside 1-2 decades ago, now they are a lot more focused on using a computer, playing online or even learning online.

That might not be a problem at first, however the reality is that in doing so kids lose the human touch and interaction. That’s definitely a huge issue, and it mostly comes from how kids interact with their parents. They are a lot more prone to talk with strangers online instead of actively talking with a parent. They feel that parents don’t understand them, so they want to talk with someone else and that is obviously going to be quite the issue.

Also, technology changed the way kids think. They believe that it’s easy to find anything online, so they focus a lot more on spending time online and not trying to accumulate new knowledge and skills themselves. That makes it challenging for parents, as they need to show kids that knowledge is power and they still need to study and solve problems themselves rather than trying to find an online solution.

Plus, we also have to talk about addiction. For the past few decades internet and computer addiction numbers have raised way too much. And that’s because kids are at home for hours on end and not supervised by a parent. They find a refuge in the internet. They share a lot of information and pictures on social media, not knowing about the dangers that come from sharing information online.

Which is why technology changed the way we are parenting nowadays. Instead of focusing on a simple approach, we need something different, all based on what our kids like and enjoy. We need to be friends with our child and we need to offer them guidance and support whenever they need that the most. And believe it or not, doing that is actually one of the hardest things that you can ever do, so try to consider all of that.

There’s also the misconception that digital technology is bound to make us happy. If studies and the way people talk about social media teaches us anything, that’s the fact that digital tech only brings issues and challenges in our lives. Sure, we can use it, but we need to be very careful and focused on finding a good way to use it without concerns. Implement a parental control app to always supervise your children’s Internet usage. Otherwise there are bound to be some problems here and there.

As you can see, digital tech might bring problems when it comes to raising your kid, but it also makes some things easier. For the most part it all comes down to creating a deep, powerful friendship with your child. Make sure that you work closely with him and show the problems that technology can bring to the table. It’s important to show the downsides as well as the upsides, so your child can have a good understanding of what’s good or bad online. Doing that from an early age can be extremely handy!

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