New Fun Extreme Cycling: Marmot Chasing

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Mountain biking is a great way to get a workout and to get an adrenaline fix while you’re at it. And you have the added bonus of enjoying a beautiful scenery, no matter how fast you pass it.

Riding full-speed down a rough mountain terrain is exciting all on itself, but when the local wildlife joins in, you’re in for a completely new level of fun, just like French professional skier, freerider and cameraman Mickaël Bimboes found out.

On his ride down a narrow path on the side of Courchevel on the French Alps, Mickaël got an unexpected, but delightful company in the form of a very fast marmot.

This ground squirrel started running on the path in front of his bike quite by accident and he managed to capture it all with his onboard camera. The comic scene is something you just have to watch.

And for all animal-lovers: don’t worry, the marmot was fine at the end.


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