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39 Celebs And Their Cute Baby Doppelgangers

Each of us has someone who looks exactly the same as us somewhere in the world. Meeting these doppelgangers in person is always fun, if it ever happens. However, most people will never meet their lookalikes or might just be told about them from friends.

Thanks to social media today, you can even find your doppelganger online if you really try to, but a harder challenge would be finding a baby-lookalike.

When it comes to babies, we usually search for similarities with the parents or close family members, so we might miss their resemblance to someone much more famous.

Have a laugh with the babies that look awfully similar to these 39 famous people.


1. Wallace Shawn 


2. Russian President Putin 


3. Michelle Williams


4. John Legend


5. Elvis Presley 


6. Chris Farley 


7. Alex Rodriguez 


8. Phillip Seymour Hoffman


9. Michael Cera


10. Usher


11. Jennifer Garner


12. Gordon Ramsay


13. Dexter (Michael C. Hall)


14. Brian Baumgartner


15. Shirley Temple


16. Patton Oswalt


17. Mario Lopez


18. Jamie Oliver


19. Garth Algar


20. Danny DeVito


21. Brad Pitt 


22. Albert Einstein 

23. Rob Ford


24. Nathan Lane


25. Linda Hunt


26. James Dean

27. Gandalf (Ian McKellen)

28. Connan O’Brien


29. Billy Idol 


30. Renee Zellweger


31. Mini-Me (Verne Troyer) 


32. Karl Pilkington


33. Ja Rule


34. Eric Stonestreet


35. Colin Farrell 


36. Bill Maher


37. Ed Sheeran 


38. Prince George 


39. Gilbert Gottfried