Two Strangers Chat In Over 20 Languages! Amazing!

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Speaking another language is a great skill to have, especially in this day and age of communication when distance is no longer a problem. Different people from different countries around the world are free to communicate at any time, leaving the language as the only barrier or bridge among them.

Most people speak only their native language, many can speak one or two foreign languages, fluently enough to be understood by the other party. People who speak three or more languages are considered polyglots and not many can brag with that title.

Wouter Corduwener is an artists from Amsterdam who can safely be called a polyglot, having the knowledge of 18 languages and counting. He’s mastered this astonishing number of languages during his travels and is always interested in expanding his vault of knowledge by talking to tourists.

So, imagine his delight when he encountered a man who spoke even more languages than him. Zoran Radiceski from Macedonia had a brief chat with Wouter in over 21 languages and seeing their interaction is a delightful and very interesting sight, indeed.

Makes you want to go ahead and learn a new language or two, doesn’t it?

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