15 Inventions To Make This Summer The Coolest Ever

Summer is here and it’s time for fun times and very, very hot long days.

That wouldn’t be a problem if you’re going to spend the next month and a half on a beach or high up in some mountain resort, but let’s face it: what most people are probably hoping for are picnics, weekend getaways or some backyard/pool parties.

In those cases the preparations are more hassle than they are worth it, and with sky-rocketing temperatures the biggest problem will be (you’ve guessed it) keeping yourself and your refreshments cool.

To help you in that area, here are some ingenious inventions that are available and ones you will probably want to have around for stress-free fun-filled summer outings. Check them out.




1. Cobra Mistand


2. Watermelon Keg 


3. All-Purpose Hammock Stand


4. Freeze cooling glasses


5. The universal solar phone charger


6. Stainless Steel Metal Finger Ring Bottle Opener 


7. The portable BBQ grill


8. Slush Cuppy


9. The picnic backpack


10. Portable fan that attaches to your smartphone.


11. A water bottle that’s also a water diffuser


12. The octopus drink dispenser stand


13. Panama banana rocker or soccer net


14. Wine aerator


15. Stick-on waterproof soles



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