Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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Alright so at this point, after selling four million copies on PC which is impressive considering everyone is a pirate now,  I don’t have to introduce Minecraft: Pocket Edition to you.  The game is damn near universal, last time I checked there wasn’t even an iOS version but hey!  Now there is one.  The funniest part is that a whole lot of regular people still haven’t played it  which goes to show that this here, is for the gamers.

The game is watered down just as much as you would expect a mobile game to be.  There’s some Xperia play compatibility here to amp up the experience a little bit for those special folks.  Still this pocket sized version has a long way to go before it begins to live up to its PC counterpart but it’s definitely a start.  Most people found the game slightly disappointing to it lacking a lot of the features that made it what it is, like some of the pixelated baddies and crafting.  But now an update has kind of packed on a little bit more like the very important day/night cycles that we have grown much too familiar with.  Oh, and don’t worry the sheep are there now too.

So off the bat it’s easy to see what’s missing,  but you really have to look on the bright side.  You can play the game on the go if you are just that die-hard.  Then again, only play the mobile version if you are a die-hard kind of fan.  If you plan on just jumping into the pocket edition without playing the desktop version you might come out of it with an inaccurate impression.  But I didn’t mention the cross-platform multiplayer so shame on me.  Users with either the Android or iOS  can actively participate in each others games.  So if you are really in the mood to have some crazed lunatic come in and destroy your precious work then hey, you can do that.  Also note that the landscape is not as vast as it might be on the desktop versions for performance reasons.  As a result of this little tweak the game runs fairly smoothly on old devices and even better on the new stuff.

Really what can you do besides just get as creative as you can, work with what you’ve got.  The game has certainly gotten much better than it was back when it first came out so Mojang seems to know what they are doing.  Sure the Minecraft: Pocket Edition still has its issues including the occasional glitch in multiplayer but these are things that can almost be expected of most releases on pretty much any mobile device.    At $6.99 its really up to you to decide if its all worth it.  In the long run I say sure why not, especially if you’re a fan because no matter what I say you would still end up buying it regardless.  But for someone who might not be too familiar with the games original technical aspects or the in-and-outs of things like the Creeper.  Well, I think you should back up and try out the PC version before you enter this kind of brutal territory.

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