Great Little War Game

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Great Little War Game might just have everything you require to be the best jarhead you can be. The game is as fast paced as a 3D turn-based game can be too. Going into it I was thinking something along the lines of chess or something but no, I was wrong. Well, if chess involved snipers and assault rifles, tanks, planes, U-Boats and so on then I would actually probably play chess. The mechanics and gameplay is smooth on top of great visuals and characters with comedic reactions to um, getting shot and stuff. But hey, if they enjoy warfare then why shouldn’t you from the comfort of a bus, plane or couch.

Apparently Great Little War Game is one of the best strategy games ever made and it certainly does show with a little bit of time. The learning curve is not very steep either, the only real complaint here is the lack of hardcore interaction during online play but there are no great multiplayer games on any mobile market anyway. To play this game you might need just a little bit if your brain to get things done. The goal, obviously, is to take the enemy out while saving as many of your own men from doom as you can. The hex grid is what allows you to navigate the field and the touch-screen controls aren’t even clunky. Campaign mode is where you will first notice a lot of the humor that floats around this game. It’s nothing that will have you coughing up a lung but you might have to double-check to see if you’re smiling too much.

The visuals and effects come across well but the soundtrack kind of sucks. Its repetitive and pretty much just gets annoying after awhile but that’s nothing the mute button can’t fix. Great Little War Game is by default a lighthearted piece of work despite the subtle gore so the blood and maggots are turned off. You know what, it’s really not much of a huge loss. Anyway, if you were looking for that much detail go play a Bethesda Softworks game. There’s an extension or sequel of some sort currently on the market called Great Big War Game that apparently isn’t much different from this one besides a few new maps and a slightly larger scale (more upgrades, yippie) which is a disappointment.

Great Little War Game is just about the only 3d turn-based game that offers this much replay value, while still managing to be challenging, on the market right now. As soon as that’s disputed by some other developer I will be sure to cover that game too, that way we can really see who’s boss. You can’t go wrong with the formula though, people like violence. Human nature says we like to be in control, in this case we get both and a laugh or two to top off those primal desires and everyone is happy. Great Little War Game is $0.99 solid and very much worth it.

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