Planet in a Bottle

2 min

Planet in a Bottle is so simple that it should be a crime to call it an actual game. I refuse to sit here and tell you that the game is a whole lot like Hatchi or Tamagotchi because, just no. Planet in a Bottle is a cute little game with 2D graphics and no real soundtrack. But hey who needs to hear what planet earth has to say? I mean hell, it should have been hard-coded in that given enough time your little dirt ball would start screaming from all of the pollution. But like I said before, this game is supposed to be cute and that’s just not cool.

Planet in a Bottle is a good time killer though. Just as long as you don’t jump into the game and start taking it all seriously because for starters, it’s just a game anyway. On the other hand its really not that deep and compelling. Alright that’s not fair to say, if you are into gardening for some reason then you might really enjoy everything that’s offered here. Your job as the god or overseer is to make sure that your rock stays in the Goldilocks Zone, basically. You control the sunlight, the rain and honestly that’s about it. It is a whole lot like watching paint dry but that’s fun to some people so I can’t hate. Like a Virtual Villagers game the overall gameplay is minimal and is meant to be hands-off for the most part. Like a real demi-god you get to sit around and watch the population rise and fall and only get involved when you feel like it. That’s a pretty good deal for someone with that much power if you ask me.

The controls are the typical touch-screen scheme and they work quite well. There is a balance that you need to maintain so the ecosystem can thrive. Who knows how things are going down on the surface but then again, who cares anyway? It looks pretty and it still floats which means it must be doing okay, right? Random events like asteroids and stuff would be cool to see but maybe I’m just being mister doom-n-gloom here. Regardless with a little bit more here, Planet in a Bottle could be one hell of a mini game. There are no extra modes or anything like that and progress is fairly slow but it’s all little things that stand out in a little game.

This title as a whole is unique in the sense that I have not seen much else out there like it and everything that is like it kind of involves some Japanese inspired animal and that’s for school girls man. Overall I don’t know if it is worth playing but it is free which leaves it open to the “why not” attitude. You might even get a little bit of inspiration out of this and end up going off and start collecting earthworms and stuff just so you can recreate some of the logic behind this here. To each his or her own though, Planet in a Bottle just barely manages to be fun and even that doesn’t last long.

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