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Honoring The Last Search And Rescue Dog From Ground Zero

It has been 14 years since the devastating terrorist attack on the World Trade Center where over 2,996 people lost their lives.

Since there have been many more suffering for the families of the casualties, but also to all the brave men and women who worked to save as many lives as they could at Ground Zero in the wake of the disaster.

With another year passing by since this horrible tragedy, it is good to not only remember those innocents lost lives, but also those unsung heroes like the search and rescue dog Bretagne, the last known surviving dog from the 100 deployed after 9/11.

Denise Corliss and her golden retriever Bretagne, members of Texas Task Force 1 got a day of luxury and relaxation in New York as gratitue to all the hard work this 16-year old dog did all those years ago.

A tribute and praise that are well deserved.


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