Snuggle Truck

Snuggle Truck is a brand new indie title from developer and publisher Owlchemy Labs that was released on February 3, 2012. This single player indie game puts an interesting twist on the casual-racing genre by placing the player behind the wheel of a purple pickup truck and challenging them to transport a bunch of stuffed animals across 2D levels. Strap in and buckle up for a ride because Snuggle Truck is an addictive game full of bright color with a cute look and soundtrack that you could easily lose a good chunk of time racing on or designing your own levels.

Snuggle Truck is a racing game because the core concept is to make it across a 2D desert landscape as fast as possible in your purple pickup. However, Owlchemy Labs throw players a curve ball in the form of a bunch of stuffed animals in the bed of the truck that the player must struggle to keep there while going over hills and every other kind of obstacle on the way to the zoo at the end of each level. There are over 10,000 levels to play through in Snuggle Truck; many of them created by the game’s online community. Each level has five medals that can be won starting with the basic bronze, silver and gold for a combination of timing and stuffed critters saved; there is a Speed Run medal for completing a level under a specific time; and an Ark Medal for saving a specific amount of stuffed animals. If all of the animals fall out and aren’t recovered, then the player fails the level and is awarded no medals.

The gameplay of Snuggle Truck is very easy to learn, but it takes a lot of experience to master. Thankfully, there’s no end to the levels to play on. Aside from the 10,000 plus levels already in existence, there is a level editor included in the game allowing player to design their own deviously difficult boards. If that’s not enough, the Level Portal gives players access to the levels created by other members of the community and saves favorites for later use. After the tutorial level, the levels range from easy, to medium, to hard, to extreme still leaving room for the community to crank up the difficulty to eleven. Each set of levels has to be unlocked by earning a certain number of the aforementioned medals. There are also player leader boards and some goofy achievements to compete over for bragging rights.

The excellent artwork and animation of Snuggle Truck along with the comical concept and sound effects make for a whimsical setting and fun environment for a game. The desert landscape provides an interesting backdrop with a very hilly and obstacle ridden foreground. The in-game physics will have players driving the pickup truck over all manner of impossible obstacles while dropping and recovering stuffed animals. As an added bonus, the player can now swap the assorted stuffed creatures for pandas by turning on the option in the More section. Overall, Snuggle Truck is a fun a simple game that would be enjoyable for children and adults. The developers could have tried to add more features to the title, but they chose to make a polished copy with the concept they had.

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