Top 10 Most Useful Minecraft Glitches

At first, I was a doubter. I didn’t see the point of playing a video game based around building when I could do the exact same thing with a Lego set—but after trying Minecraft with some friends I quickly learned the premise was addicting. Still, for all its good points, Minecraft is riddled with hundreds of glitches that can be surprisingly useful, if you know how to use them. Here are the top ten Minecraft Glitches. Some are infamous, others not so much, but all are useful.


10. Chest in a Chest

This is a good way to save storage space, and it can also be used for other purposes, such as bookshelves or indestructible chests. Create a regular double chest and then put mine cart tracks leading down towards it. Put a mine cart with a chest on these tracks and give them a push. The mine cart should glitch into the chest!

9. Item Duplication

Item duplication doesn’t work on all versions of Minecraft, but it can still be useful for those playing older versions or their XBOX game. There’s multiple ways to do this, but here is the easiest. It requires two people. Place a dispenser and put the item you want to duplicate into it. Then have your friend destroy the dispenser. You should end up with a whole stack of the item. This is good for gaining multiple diamonds.

8. Fishing for Mobs

You wouldn’t normally think to grab a Ghast with a fishing pole, but it’s very effective and makes it easy to get the Return to Sender achievement (at least, if you have good aim). You can pull in any mob, so try not to use it on a Creeper unless you’re going after disks.

7. Torches and Enchanting

A maximum power enchantment table might be cool, but you can’t use it at lower levels. This is easily fixed by placing torches on any of the bookshelves. The more torches you place, the fewer bookshelves the enchantment table can read. The best alternative is setting up a complicated redstone system to raise and lower your books.

6. Hidden Door Glitch

If you use a large painting on a door, it will hide the door underneath it. You can also do this for a few other things, as long as the painting detects blocks behind each one of its blocks, but beware—if you shut the door after you leave, you’ll have to redo it. You can’t open it from the other side. So leave your door open.

5. Never-ending Oxygen

Spamming an empty bucket in front of you gives you unlimited air. When you walk through the hole created by the bucket, it replenishes your air supply. Simply ‘dump’ the water-filled bucket onto the floor in front of you.

4. Block Update Glitch

If you continue to move a line of redstone straight up, without the ones beneath it losing charge, the blocks it was originally powering won’t update. This can lead to eternally powered pistons that retract when a block near them is updated—perfect for something like a bomb triggered by griefing.

3. No Mod X-Ray

Dig yourself three blocks deep, then dig out the top layer and middle layer in front of you for a depth of two blocks. Put a sticky piston on the farthest block, directly in front of you, then put Glowstone (or any other transparent block) onto the sticky piston. It should be facing towards you. Activate the piston with a torch or lever and you will glitch into the glowstone. From there, you can see all of the cave systems, lava pits, or home interiors.

2. Map Duplication

Hold shift when retrieving a map that you’ve crafted. This should duplicate the first map made in the save file or server. It may not be an effective way to hide, or it may end up with a glitched map on SMP, but it’s useful if you can get it working. When a copy of the map updates, all copies after it or in existence are updated.

1. Using a Boat to Escape Jail (SMP Only)

Place a boat on the bars or wall of a jail. Flail around until you escape the wall (you might suffer suffocation damage), then exit the boat. You’ve managed a jail break! Try not to fall when exiting the boat.

And there you have it! The ten most useful Minecraft glitches. For those of you with the XBOX version, keep in mind that any glitches that worked in version beta 1.6.6 will work on your game. Do you know of any more? Let us know in the comment section!

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