Nintendo NX: EB Games Accepting Pre-Orders is Premature

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EB Games Australia recently confirmed announced that the gaming retail store will offer pre-orders for the next Nintendo video game console, which currently has the working title of the Nintendo NX. Nintendo brass and Satoru Iwata recently announced that Nintendo is developing its next console. More information on the console will be revealed next year. In other words, the actual release of the Nintendo NX is probably at least two years away. In fact, the release is probably closer to two and a half to three years away. It is somewhat premature for EB Games to start accepting pre-orders for a console that has not even been officially unveiled.

Far be it from me to tell people how they want to spend their hard-earned money. I realize that EB Games started taking pre-orders for the Nintendo NX for a reason. However, I just do not see the point. The NX is really only a working title. The name of the console could be changed. Nintendo only revealed that more details will come later. Therefore, gamers will not really get a better idea of what the NX will be until 2016. It has no working release date yet. The system could very well get delayed all the way until 2018. What is the point of taking such early pre-orders for the game?

Speaking to MCV Pacific, an EB Games spokesperson stated: “Following the announcement Wednesday night, EB Games made the ‘NX’ available for pre-order the next day. At EB Games we have a very loyal Nintendo fan base, many of whom love the opportunity to put their names down first for new products. As long as that demand exists, we will continue to give fans what they want and be at the forefront of gaming announcements.” All right; so apparently, there is a demand to pre-order a product. However, the Nintendo NX is still in its conceptual stages. In other words, it is a new product that does not even exist yet. To accept money for a non-existent product that has no release date or no actual title comes off as somewhat dishonest and disingenuous. EB Games is gladly taking this pre-order money, but there is really no assurance to player who is placing the pre-order, that the console will come in stock. I will give EB Games some credit in that pre-orders are refundable.

The Nintendo NX console is still in the development stage for Nintendo. More details on the NX are set to be released next year.

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