18 Interesting and Useless Facts You Definitely Want to Know

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Okay, there are some facts you want to know and there are facts you really want to know.

We, humans, are very curious about these facts and you will never know when you will learn something useful.

We are open to receive more information everywhere and anywhere even when they can be, well, useless for our future.

I always want to share these kinds of facts I will find on the Internet with my friends. I don’t know if they are just pretending that they are listening to me, but I feel really smart at that moment.

Let’s start:

The founders of HP (Hewlett and Packard) flipped a coin to see which one of their names will be first on the wall of the company


Wendy’s founder Mr. Dave Thomas finished school at 61


 Some animals can delay pregnancy


“Squirm” means group of worms


Children born after 2005 watch 35 hours of TV a week


Women blink 8 more times per minute than man do


The line between two numbers is called vinculum


If a female ferret cannot find a mate, she will die


You can guess the temperature by counting the number of times a cricket chirps in 15 seconds then adding 37


There are around 150,000 hair follicles on your scalp


After each of the two players moved three times in one game of chess, there are approximately 121 million possible routes


Thomas Edison patented 1,000 inventions in his life


Brad Pitt dreamed about being advertising art director


You need only 20 moves to solve Rubik’s cube


There are more red and green skittles in a package than any other color


The oldest chewing gum in the world dates back 5,000 years


The longest game of Monopoly was played 100 hours


Disney World has 62,000 employees


I told you this will get you interested!

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