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The Evil Within DLC: Details Still Incredibly Vague

Bethesda Softworks recently released the first teaser preview for the upcoming first downloadable content for Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks’ survival horror video game, The Evil Within. Bethesda confirmed that the DLC is due out next month in March 2015. However, other than that, players really know next to nothing about the DLC. There have been reports that it will be a story DLC involving the character Juli Kidman. After the more head-scratching and confusing elements of The Evil Within, the vagueness of the new details are a tad disappointing and a bit of a letdown. The new teaser is incredibly vague.

The teaser video is done in the first person perspective. A character is hiding in a locker from some sort of creature. The ominous creature is chanting, “Leslie.” The creature appears to be a dark, shrouded figure with a blaring light for a face. It almost resembles the light from an examination or surgery table. Leslie Withers was a mental patient in the story of The Evil Within. His abilities were pursued by the villain Ruvik. However, the character Juli Kidman was posing as a fake detective in Sebastian Castellanos’ department of the police, in order to assassinate Leslie on behalf of her organization. We have no idea what Kidman’s organization is called. The organization is basically Mikami’s new version of the Umbrella Corp. from the Resident Evil franchise. The organization was behind the STEM project from the game. Apparently, the goals and behavior of Kidman’s organization appear are far from benevolent. However, Kidman’s actions belied her employers. By the end, it appeared she had some sympathy for the heroic Sebastian and helped him through the ordeal. So now, Kidman is essentially TheĀ Evil Within’s version of Ada Wong.

The problem with The Evil Within is that it left many questions unanswered and many loose ends untied. In terms of narrative, the questions were not even brought up at the end in order to be addressed later. For example, the issue of Joseph Oda and what happened to him in the game was never resolved. The DLC has an opportunity to deal with many of the game’s lingering plot issues. The new teaser does not really suggest that will happen. It is difficult to comprehend whether the figure hiding from a creature in the teaser preview is Juli Kidman or actually Leslie Withers.

I am looking forward to The Assignment, but I hope it does a better job of resolving the confusing web of problems from the plot of The Evil Within. The Assignment will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC in March.

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