These 22 Bizarre Facts Will Blow Your Mind Away

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How do you feel when you knew something your whole life and some random person comes and tells you a totally different truth about it?

You feel messed up right?

It’s like some meteor fell all the way down on the ground and hit you on your head.

These bizarre facts won’t make you feel like that, but they will definitely blow you away.

You just can’t pass through these facts and not give a single thought about them. They will really change something you knew your whole life.

You would want to do a research in order to get confirmation about these facts.

Let’s start:

If you are sitting in a group of 70+ people there is a 99.9% chance that two of those people will share the same birthday.


There are more possible permutations of the cards in a standard deck than there’ve been seconds since the famous Big Bang


Everyone got through infancy, but no one remembers how it’s like to be an infant


People who have graduated last year have never experienced how it’s like to live without The Simpsons


Ireland’s population has never recovered from the Great Potato Famine


1 day on the planet Venus is longer than 1 year here on the planet Earth


Human male’s genitals have enough blood to power three gerbils


Once you’re dead, no one else remembers your memories


The only known population on Mars is consisted of robots


Caterpillars undergo metamorphosis that makes them liquid and reforms back into butterflies


67 Years have passed since the flight to the moon


You can spell “upside down” by using “umop apisdn”


Mike Powell holds the record for long jump at 29 feet. He jumped 30 feet forward to do that


Private Wojtek was a real brown bear cub found in Iran and adopted by 22nd Artillery Supply Company soldiers in WWII


Blind people have never seen a smile, but know how to make one when they feel happy


One glass of water contains more atoms than the number of stars in the universe


You can always see your nose, but your brain is “guilty” for filtering it out


Russia has a larger surface area than the planet Pluto (17m square KM > 16.6m square KM)


Being the oldest person alive means that every single person born at the same time of your birth is now dead


France was still using guillotine for executing people when the first Star Wars movie was released


Have you noticed how the world “crisp” travels from the way back of your mouth to the front? C’mon say it!


If Texas welcomes 7 billion movers, it would have the same population density like NYC


Bizarre facts everywhere!

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