2012’s Top Halloween Costume Ideas

The nights are getting longer, and that can only mean one thing: Summer is ending, fall is coming, Halloween is near. Each Halloween season, I find myself diving into realms unknown with the help of any number of survival horror titles. From Siren to Alan Wake, I immerse myself in twisted tales as I count down a range of topics such as the Top 10 Scariest Moments in Gaming. This year, I’m going to change tactics and, rather than initially focus on the elements of horror that spawn from this holiday, cater to the more fun loving and potentially more adolescent crowd. To kick off the Halloween season, let’s look at my picks for the Top Costume Ideas for 2012:

Resident Evil:

Zombie: With this most basic costume idea, you could be paying tribute to your favorite series in no time. You can learn some simple make-up techniques or just go the “bloodier the better” route.



Javo: These characters, introduced in Resident Evil 6, can range from fairly easy to recreate to somewhat difficult. Since they look quite human in their initial stages, you can get away with utilizing basic make-up techniques to create sores and wounded flesh. More advanced stages of the infection will require more detail, including facial deformities and even body prosthetics to mimic the game’s “hit detection mutation” mechanic.



Agent 47: Shave your head or wear a bald cap: That’s your big decision for this costume. Throughout our time with the silent assassin, we’ve forced him into an array of costumes. No matter what, one thing was always consistent – his shiny bald dome and signature barcode. So long as you have those two things set, the rest of your costume can be anything from his staple suit to a Santa Clause getup.



Dante / Vergil: Beyond finding the right coat, which can easily be procured through the wonders of the World Wide Web or crafted by your local seamstress, you really only need to worry about your hair and your attitude. Whether you don Dante’s cocky attitude or Vergil’s brooding sense, you’ll turn heads wherever you go.




Psycho: Outside of orange pants, a couple of vinyl belts, and some minor detailing, the mask is the most difficult aspect to this costume. You can either spring for one on Ebay (which would run you anywhere from $.99 to around $75 depending on quality), or you can follow some somewhat basic instructions online. Practice your battle cry over the next few weeks and you’ll be good to go.


Black Mesa

Headcrab Zombie: Elongated fingernails and a hood ornament that controls your every thought – these are your obstacles with the Headcrab Zombie. You should have no problem finding some form of Headcrap “helmet” or “hat” on the internet, so all that’s left is creating those trendril-esque fingernails which, if you look hard enough, are easily procured at costume / Halloween shops. So celebrate this mod’s acceptance onto Steam Greenlight by bloodying yourself up and turning yourself into a mindless fiend.


Lollipop Chainsaw

Juliet: Prior to the release of Grasshopper Manufacture’s latest crackpot title, there was a competition to choose the next Juliet Starling. If there’s one thing this contest brought to light, it was the fact that we need to see more women dressed as the game’s flexible protagonist. If authenticity is your game, than you’ll want a cheerleader outfit adorned with “San Romero Knights”, something that any retailer selling customizable jerseys should be able to accommodate.


Dead Space 3

Isaac Clarke / John Carver: No matter who your title yourself, recreating the look and feel of Dead Space’s signature Rig is going to take time, money, and skill. You can either attempt to piece it together with pre-made materials or work with homemade molds; no matter what, though, you’ve got your work cut out for you. The end result will be a fantastic display of gaming fanaticism, and will be well worth the time and money spent.


Gears of War:

COG Soldier: With the big announcement for Judgment this year, there should be plenty of Gears love flowing. Suiting up as one of these bulky soldiers won’t be a walk in the park, though. You’re either looking at dropping a lot of dough on a premade piece or spending a good amount of time molding and piecing one from scratch, including your weapon of choice. Ultimately, you’ll join the ranks of Sera’s toughest soldiers and will be praised by many.



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