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Gsp 3 The Summary

So in this conclusion to the summarized version of the GSP, we are going to think about the future of games, and how different it is likely to be. The predicted change from the last couple of years has change dramatically in the past 4-5 months alone. We are now looking into the possibility of “Headsets” that send us into the game.
So how is it going to change the future of gaming? Will it be a subtle shift that introduces a new HUD system for all of gaming, or will it be comparable to “astral projection”, meaning that we will be launching avatars that represent us, right into the game? Will this change the mindset of gamers yet again? Or will it fundamentally change how we think of games, and their very definition.

Let’s start by looking at the Oculus Rift. It’s one of the most important things to happen this year in gaming. And it brings such a massive amount of innovation the the gaming scene that it may well be the single piece of equipment that changes the future of our interaction with the games we will be playing.

Imagine if the Rift was made compatible with a game like The Elder Scrolls : Skyrim. Just Imagine it! Running across the mountains and vistas that, until now had been locked inside your screen, the level of immersion would be shocking. Now imagine the rift being compatible with a next gen version of Kinect. If rumors are to be believed, the next Kinect can detect even the smallest movement of your fingers. Put the rift and gen 2 Kinect together and you have the potential for a near full depth VR experiences. Giving the player the ability to reach out and send searing fire from their fingertips or explosive lightning bolts from the palm of their hand. In my eyes that would be incredible, but just how would that translate to a game like Mass Effect or Halo?
If this technology was bundled, would we then progress down the road of peripherals like in music games? Would Call of Duty come packaged with a plastic M-16 with an under-slung launcher and ACOG? Would Mass Effect weapons come with interchangeable pieces to reflect item customization? Of course this is just supposition, but that’s always the foundation for creation. So instead lets think about what will definitely happen.

Most of us have used a Tablet by now, and at E3 this year Microsoft spent a lot of time talking about their plans to make tablets compatible with the games being played at the time. But no one really wants a map on their tablet, when they can just press a button that’s on screen.

What people want is a dynamic interface, the character shouldn’t take out a PDA if the player has a tablet synced, all things related to a character interface should be fed through a tablet. Cross wires to perform door hacks, turn pages and make notes to remind yourself of crucial events in gaming. Here’s an example. In The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask, it is crucial to keep track of the time, and I don’t mean the 3 day clock, i’m talking about. “Don’t forget to meet Anji in the kitchen at 11:30pm or your going to miss a game spanning side mission.”

This kind of feature would be ideal for a game like Majoras Mask. It would also be useful in games like Battlefield 3, especially while playing online. Keep the first person view on screen and have your UAV’s real time scan relayed to your tablet, because nowadays a Marine doesn’t stand staring at a screen, the information is relayed to the advisers who tell him what and where targets can be located. Once again this brings crazy levels of immersion.

If it was possible, would you talk to your game? I don’t mean like you use Kinect where you stand and scream at your TV. I mean would you lift your phone, and then talk to your characters? Would you like to be able to actively partake in the world with actually speech rather than voice recognition that just results in speech? Well it’s possible, not right now, but some time in the next decade.

So in short, and I mean very short, Socialise,inovate, inspire and dream. You can change and build upon the things you love if you try.

Martin Toney is a long time Video Game Journalist from Ireland.