Bloodborne Hands-On Preview

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During the inaugural 2014 PlayStation Experience, Sony PlayStation had a playable demo on hand for Bloodborne for the PlayStation 4 console. This was really my first chance to play the game, and I was quite excited. The game is teaming with great atmosphere. Fans of the Dark Souls franchise will likely be quite happy with Bloodborne. The game plays like a spiritual sequel to the Dark Souls games with a fresh, new setting.

For Bloodborne, players portray a Black Hunter, who is stuck in the ancient city of Yharnam. The demo at PlayStation Experience was a single-player demo. However, the game will also have an online, cooperative multiplayer component. Players will be able to team up as White and Black Hunters and take on a dynamic, constantly shifting dungeon. For the purpose of the demo, I was able to choose a specific weapon loadout for the Black Hunter. I went for the weapon combo of the blunderbuss and a halberd-type blade. The halberd is a fast melee type weapon, but it can also be attached to a larger blade for a stronger attack. The stronger attack is slower and leaves the Hunter more vulnerable. The blunderbuss is powerful, but ammunition is very hard to come by. Players will want to be conservative with the use of their long-range weaponry. The Molotov cocktail is available as an explosive weapon type.

The game has great atmosphere and ambiance. Yharnam is a frightening picture of Gothic horror. The designs and environments look incredible and highly detailed. Yharnam looks like a place no one wants to be stuck in for long. Apparently, the city has apparently been cursed by a strange epidemic. The whole city looks like a realm for the dead, demons, ghouls, ghosts and goblins. Gangley, zombie-like foes wander around almost every corner. These foes will relentlessly attempt to attack you and scream for you to die. As the Hunter progresses, there are various, ominous messages (potentially hints) littered around the city. If players get lost, a type of tip system leads players to the general areas to explore and progress through the city. All of the creatures and monsters look distinct and amazing. The art design for the game appears exceptional.

In terms of controls and gameplay, Bloodborne resembles the Dark Soul titles. So,in a way, the controls are really designed as part of the challenge and difficulty of the game. Bloodborne is a game that is meant for more advanced game players. At the very least, the game offers a higher level of challenge than the typical title of this type. Fans who loved what Dark Souls and Dark Souls II brought to the table will not be disappointed. Bloodborne is due out on March 25 for the PlayStation 4. The game will be exclusive to the PS4 console.

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