20 Winter Hacks That Will Make This Cold Season A Lot More Bearable

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Winter is a rough season for all those among us who simply hate the cold. There is nothing worse than always feeling uncomfortable, cold and not to mention sick. And let’s not forget all the joys that come with the snow or the sub-zero freezing temperatures, like shoveling, car stuck in the driveway, frozen locks, slipping on ice and every other little thing that winter brings with it.

If you are one of summer-loving bunch, then these winter hacks are just what you need. These simple tips and tricks are so clever and easy, you’ll be surprised you haven’t thought of them yourself. From keeping the house warmer to getting by with things you have at hand, we are positive that you will find at least one of these tips useful.

So, let’s get started.

1. Stop the cold getting in from below the door by filling the gaps with pipe insulation

Use pipe insulation to fill gaps below doors

2. A sheet of tin foil placed against the wall behind the radiator will reflect heat back into the room, instead of being absorbed into the wall, making the room warmer

Place a sheet of tin foil against the wall behind your radiator and it will reflect heat back into the room, instead of having it absorbed into the wall

3. Let a hot shower running for 10-15 minutes with the door of the bathroom open. It will help warm and humidify your home

Let a hot shower warm and humidify your house

4. When you can’t unlock a door because the lock is frozen, heat your key with a lighter and try unlocking again. It will work

Use a lighter and your key to thaw a frozen lock

5. Cleaning your car windshield with vinegar will prevent it from freezing over

Prevent an icy windshield with vinegar

6. If the windshield get frozen and you don’t have a windshield scraper, any non-metal spatula of a credit card will remove the ice nicely.

First, buy a cheap ice scraper. Second, if you can't, use a non-metal spatula or any plastic card in your wallet to chip away the ice

7. Hate going to bed in a cold bed? Place an electric blanket under the covers a few moments before sleeping and turn it after lying down.

prewarmed bed

8. Dress up in warm clothes every morning by placing an electric blanket set on low inside the drawer where you’ll put the clothes you want to wear the next day.

Prewarmed Clothes

9. Cold feet? Get extra warmth by cutting out wool insoles

Cut out wool insoles for extra warmth

10. Store knee high boots a lot easier and neater by putting cut pool noodles or bottles inside to make them stand straight

Are your boots making a mess on your shoe rack Cut up pool noodles and shove them in your boots, it ll make them stand straight for easier storage

11. Make your favorite wool hoodie or sweater look like new by shaving the pills off with a razor

Use a razor to shave the pills off your hoodie and to make it look new again

12. Don’t like wearing insulated long johns? Wearing your running tights or pantyhose under your pants will keep you warm just like the long johns.

Cold, but don't have insulated long johns  Wear running tights or pantyhose under your pants

13. No more tracking snow and mud in the house. Fill an old tray with pebbles or gravel and keep it next to your front door. where you will put your wet boots. The pebbles will absorb the water.

boot tray pebbles

14. Riding a bike in winter means buying special winter tires. A cheaper solution is adding zip-ties to your tires. They can be easily snipped off and they provide more traction

Instead of buying different tires, add zip-ties to your tires. They can be easily snipped off and they provide more traction

15. Get some traction on your car tires when you’re stuck in the snow by putting kitty litter or your car’s floor mats under the tires.

Stuck in the snow Use kitty litter or your car’s floor mats to get traction

16. Screw in short screws to the bottom of your old runners and you’ll never slip on ice while walking the dog again.

dd short screws to the bottom of your old runners to avoid slipping on ice and snow when you take the dog for a walk

17. Another great use for the hanging plastic shoe holder: Scarf storage

Store scarves in a clear plastic shoe bag

18. Heat escaping trough the windows? Until you can replace them, putting thick bubblewrap over them will give you an extra layer of insulation and will still let in the light.

Add a little extra insulation with thick bubble wrap over the windows. They ll still let the sun shine through

19. Make snow-shoveling a bit easier by spraying the shovel with a non-stick cooking spray. The snow will glide right off.

Make the process a little smoother by spraying non-stick cooking spray on your shovel. The snow will glide right off

20. Never get your windshield wipers frozen stuck to the windshield again. Leave them up in the air when you’re parked and for extra protection cover them with old socks. It might look silly, but it works.

Do your wipers stick to your windows Keep them up in the air when you re parked and cover them with old socks

Which winter hack made your winter easier?

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