Ubisoft: How About a Sequel to Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon?

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Times are tough for Ubisoft right now due to the public relations nightmare regarding the situation with Assassin’s Creed Unity. Moving past that, there is one way Ubisoft could mend its damaged reputation: the development of a follow-up to the Far Cry Blood Dragon expansion.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was undoubtedly one of the greatest pieces of downloadable content ever released for a video game. The game was both a love letter and parody of 1980’s action-adventure cinema and video games. The expansion featured a tremendous, nostalgic soundtrack. One level had Little Richard’s “Long Tall Sally” playing during a chopper shootout in an obvious reference to the 1987 action film Predator. The cut scenes were done in an old school, pixel style. The characters were rendered in mostly simple pixel form with limited animation. Not to mention, actor Michael Biehn, a staple of 1980’s action movies, voiced the main character Sgt. Rex “Power” Colt. The plot and hero were more reminiscent of first-person shooter games of old. In terms of characters and plot, the game was a standalone expansion and was not connected to anything from Far Cry 3. Blood Dragon 3 was basically its own game.

During the Electronic Entertainment Expo earlier this year, I chatted with some of the Far Cry developers at the Sony PlayStation booth where the Far Cry 4 demo was up for display. All of the development team members I spoke with loved Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. They all appeared excited by the idea of making follow-up to Blood Dragon. However, if a new iteration of Blood Dragon is in the works, the Ubisoft staff kept that news close to the vest.

A potential Far Cry Blood Dragon follow-up does not even have to be a direct sequel. Although Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, that idea does not have to arbitrarily lead to a sequel. The ending could merely be seen as another homage to the material that inspired Blood Dragon. A follow-up to Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon could feature a new story and protagonist. I would just like to see a follow-up with a similar style that offers fun first-person shooter action, but also functions as a tongue-in-cheek parody.

Hopefully, the Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon follow-up is already deeply in the works, waiting to be revealed sooner rather than later. Far Cry 4 is out now for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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