Destiny: Recent Update Changes are Subtle Yet Strong

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Destiny made some new tweaks in a recent downloadable update for the video game from Bungie. The changes are mostly subtle and not major. However, at this point, I am happy to see that the subtle changes add up to some strong overall improvements for the game.

The biggest change involves the new team chat option. The new chat option is optional. It is very simple, easy to use and it works fine. Using the directional pad, players are now able to toggle on team chat for team-based missions. So, members of Fireteams are assigned by matchmaking, and members have a way to communicate with each other. In Crucible matches with team missions, there is also a team chat option. I have wanted to see the team chat feature incorporated into the game since its launch, so I am massively satisfied to see it.

The Tower Outfitter, Eva Levante, has finally started selling new Shaders for the game. For months now, Levante has sold the same Shaders over and over again, never anything new. The Outfitter finally received a new supply of Shaders. It would serve bungie well to start including new Shader colors for Levante on a regular basis. By this point, I had collected most of the Shaders that were out there, so I was finally happy to see some new Shader colors. Trying out new Shader colors every now and then breaks the monotony of the color of your Guardian.

The team chat and Shaders were the most noticeable changes. Other changes were more subtle, but they are noticeable. The capture zones for the Control matches for Blind Watch on Mars have changed. The zones are in different locations from the previously ones. This is not a major change, but I like to see tweaks like this every now and again. The changing of locations of the capture zones is a nice way to break up the monotony of play sessions.

Guardians now have 10 open bounty slots instead of the usual five. This is a great help because it will make ranking up reputation for Crucible factions and Vanguard faster. I was surprised that this feature was added in an update. I was not expecting to see it until the release of The Dark Below expansion next month.

There are new changes to the Guardian heads up display (HUD). The color of the super abilities for the Guardian HUD has changed from green color to blue. The arrow on the radar on the HUD was changed. I like the color changes and the radar tweak. The radar looks a little more pronounced with the new arrow feature. I could be mistaken, but I noticed some enemies in a Strike that I did not see before.

Although the changes are not huge, things like new Shaders and the team chat feature are positive steps. Hopefully, this means Bungie is not afraid of change and will be willing to roll out more player requested features in future updates.

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