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WWE 2K15 Superstar Studio Looks to Offer Impressive Level of Wrestler Creation

WWE 2K15

Earlier this week, 2K Games and Visual Concepts finally unveiled the details for the Create-a-Wrestler customization program for WWE 2K15, which is dubbed Superstar Studio. In a new behind the scenes video, WWE 2K15 Art Director, Lynell Jinks, demonstrated step-by-step how the customization tools will work for the Superstar Studio. I am happy to see that 2K Games finally revealed the Create-a-Wrestler mode, and the Superstar Studio program offers many enticing custom features the CAW models.

While the game does not have a facial scanning program, players will be able to paste images of things, such as their faces, to a CAW model. Judging from the video, images like facial images can be pasted on to CAWs by uploading the faces as custom logos to the WWE 2K15 Community Creation servers. So far, the new level of customization for the game looks very impressive.

The ability to paste images from other sources onto the CAW model is an excellent feature that allows. a level of customization and realism from created wrestlers that has never previously existed. In addition, the CAW models look sharper and have better graphics than CAW models seen in past WWE video games.

The video revealed that there will be 128 layers of customization in creating a new wrestler. The CAW models in WWE 2K14 had 64 layers of customization. That means, 2K Games and Visuals Concepts have doubled the amount of customization layers for the CAW program. Of course, this makes building created wrestlers more complex. However, the additional layers will offer more detailed and impressive CAW models than ever before–an exciting prospect for the Superstar Studio.

If the game allows for custom logos and such, I would still like to see the game permit custom wrestler entrance music for Create An Entrance. That particular option was not available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. However, based on the recent videos, the next-gen console versions are the definitive versions of WWE 2K15 to own. While there are no WCW arenas available in the game, the Superstar Studio will hopefully allow the creation of just about any WCW arena or event with the ability to paste custom logos and images. I am satisfied about the fact that Create A Finisher is leaving the game. I prefer to have the original moves or finishers that are already available instead of creating an awkward looking one.

WWE 2K15 hits the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 18. A Windows PC version is in the works and due out on a later date.

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