Cooking Hacks That Will Increase Your Cooking Skills to Another Level

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I love cooking. I think I’m the only one in my family who enjoys cooking a nice meal whether that will be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I’m always ready to do some experiments with the food.

I know there are many people out there who share the same passion about cooking and food with me and that’s why I’m ready to share few simple cooking hacks that will make your cooking easier and tastier.

Your family and friends will be surprised of how fast you made that diner or of the taste of the lunch.

I’m not going to share my magic that I use for cooking, but these simple hacks will do the trick. Just kidding, there is no magic only love for what you do.

If you love to cook, than these simple hacks are just for you.

We are looking forward hearing from you if you have some hacks that will help us cook faster and tastier. Share those tricks in the comments section below.

Before you do that, here is what I found:

1. Ice holds down the fruit perfectly



2. Tin foil hat will protect your holiday turkey from overcooking

3. Steak drying has never been easier using pan tins, paper towel and skewers

4. Taco seasonings

Taco seasonings

5.  Cut a squash like a pro tapping butcher’s knife with a mallet

6. Use your coffee grinder for blending spices

7. This tin foil pan will protect the asparagus from burning

8. Pitting olives for tapenade has never been easier

9. Make a shift terrine pan using 2 bread tins

10. Make a bamboo steamer using pie tins

11.  steamer is perfect for roasting peppers

12. Panini press for homemade flat bread

13. Or roasted chicken

14. The waffle iron will become your perfect bacon maker

15. Use a potato masher for dicing the avocados if you want to make a guacamole

16. Turn the grill into smoker by filling up a tin foil with wood-chips



See? – It wasn’t that hard.

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