Destiny: Story Rumors Not Surprising if True

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Bungie’s much-hyped release in Destiny has received a great deal of criticism for its story. After a huge release, one of the most outspoken arguments against the game is its rather disjointed, convoluted and frustrating plot. The game throws you into a scenario and raises many questions with next to no answers. The Grimoire, an online encyclopedia of sorts for the game, does little to really rectify the situation. Based on earlier trailers, some elements were dropped from the final game. An alleged Bungie insider, who calls himself 404Architect, has shed some light on the game’s questionable story presentation. His posts on Reddit were later posted in full on the NeoGAF.

According to the Reddit posts, it was the egos at Bungie that caused the downfall of Destiny’s story. 404Architect claims to be a Bungie insider and explained the disappointing story for Destiny. On one hand, I am of the belief of the Assassin Brotherhood, “Believe nothing that you see.” So, I would advise to take everything you read with a grain of salt. Since 404Architect submitted his posts anonymously, there is no way to truly verify his identity. For all we know, he could be an Activision insider trying to help the publisher save face about Destiny’s issues at launch. Many would blame the publisher for Destiny’s problems. For example, maybe the game has a threadbare story, so Activision may continue to charge for the rest of the adventures piecemeal through downloadable content. For the most part, 404Architect’s claims absolve Activision of any wrongdoing, except for its enforcement of a strict release date.

The Reddit posts support the idea that there could actually be something quite sinister behind the seemingly benevolent Traveler and the mysterious Speaker. The obvious conclusion could be that Speaker is a villain and the Traveler is another personification of the mysterious villain that is Darkness. 404Architect does discuss that a great deal of dialogue and story content were either jettisoned or would be reincorporated into later DLC. Formal introductions of different characters and races that were meant to be in the game were left on the cutting room floor.

Perhaps Bungie has a plan that will fix all of this. I do not know. If you believe 404Architect’s claims, the folks at Bungie are fully aware of the problems players have with the story. Even if 404Architect is fraudulent, it is hard to believe Bungie is that oblivious towards the story’s issues. Apparently, the departure of Joe Staten, a former leading developer at Bungie, caused a great deal of problems. He was reportedly the lead writer for the game. Therefore, it is very possible that his leaving the project could have been problematic and left the game’s story in disarray. At the end of the day, while I still doubt the authenticity of 404Architect’s comments, the remarks have a lot of traction because they are easy to believe.

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