Destiny: Next Patch Update Features Promising Changes

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Bungie has officially announced some significant changes for Destiny with the next patch for the game. The 1.0.2 patch will be available next week. Hopefully, the patch will fix some of my major criticisms of the game. The patch includes Cryptarch changes, item changes, and new activity changes.

One of the biggest problems with Destiny since launch has been the random nature of loot drops and random encrypted Engrams. Despite some encrypted Engrams having a blue or purple color denoting a rare or legendary item, the Engrams would still be decoded to reveal a green item. The random nature of the encrypted Engrams is ridiculous, considering that getting a blue encrypted Engram means you should get a rare item or a level higher. Well, apparently that is now about to change with the update. The patch will make legendary Engrams always produce items that are of legendary level or higher. This will include better quality materials and exotic items. Rare Engrams will always produce rare Engrams or better. It was quite ridiculous when a player picked up a rare Engram and instead, it became a green uncommon item.

Another major problem with the game is the lack of progressive and better rewards from playing the Vanguard Playlist, Daily Heroics and Weekly Heroics. Bungie has confirmed that the activity changes will allow players to gain rare and legendary Engrams from participating in these activities. I would frequently play the Vanguard: Tiger Playlist, and the play sessions would seldom yield any special items. Gaining better items from these events, including rare and legendary quality items, would go a long way into fixing one of the major problems in the game. Playing through these much harder events and activities should yield higher level rewards. Higher scores or better kills should produce better loot rewards as well.

I do not think Destiny is a bad game. I am happy to see that Bungie is acknowledging some of the launch problems. As a result, Bungie is now working to fix and smooth out some of these issues as the game develops. However, if the fixes are hollow and the reward system does not improve, players will continue to look for farming opportunities like the Treasure Cave or Treasure Cave 2.0 to level-up quickly and get better quality items.

Destiny is currently available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The next 1.0.2 patch will be available for download sometime next week.

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