New Far Cry 4 Trailer Features More Awesome Pagan Min Intensity

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Far Cry 4

Ubisoft has released the latest gameplay trailer for Far Cry 4, highlighting the game’s sadistic villain, Pagan Min. Vaas was a great villain in Far Cry 3, but it looks like Pagan Min might have him beat in terms of one-liners and flamboyancy. Pagan Min looks like he will be an eclectic mix of James Bond and Quentin Tarantino villainy.

The latest video features footage of a sequence that takes place after the scene in a Pagan Min reveal gameplay video released during the Electronic Entertainment Expo last June. In that video, the game’s protagonist, Ajay Ghale and his guide, are captured by Min and his minions. Ghale is taken captive and put under a hood. The trailer picks up from that scene as Ghale’s hood is removed, and he is still in the clutches of the sadistic, psychotic Min. I could be hearing things, but it sounds like voice actor Troy Baker’s voice for Min has been tweaked to some degree. His British accent sounds a bit more pronounced and heavier than it did in the initial reveal video for Pagan Min. In the reveal video, Baker’s accent was very sophisticated but sounded a bit more neutral. However, Baker’s British accent makes sense, considering he is of mixed British and Chinese descent.

Things go from bad to worse after Min discovers Ghale’s guide trying to “text for help.” Min then stabs the guide with a dinner knife and forces him to scream for help over a railing. Min is a different kind of demented sociopath than the Far Cry franchise has seen previously. He is psychotic like Vaas, but he possesses an odd flamboyant air with a facade of charm and sophistication. Far Cry villains seem to get better with each installment.

The trailer also shows a good bit of the game’s vehicular combat–beyond what has been already shown by Ubisoft. You can drive ATVs and speedboats, and even drive the boats up on land like a fun James Bond movie action sequence. Another sequence showcases Ajay driving an ATV off a cliff while chasing a plane and then blowing it up. Ajay makes a safe escape with his wing suit. The use of vehicles in combat and going over cliffs, to using the wing suit look to be some of the most entertaining aspects of the gameplay.

Far Cry 4 hits the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC on November 18.

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