30 Sexy Under Breast Tattoos You Won’t Be Able To Take Your Eyes Off

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Getting a tattoo for men it is a lot easier, because even when they grow old and fat the tattoo will look good on them no matter where it is. The same can’t be said for women. Most women like to get their tattoos on places that are provocative, yet not so obvious, like the nape of the neck or at the small of the back. But those places don’t allow for very large tattoos.

If you want a bigger, yet sexy tattoo, why not try making one under the breast? Tribal, mandala designs, butterflies or other intricate patterns will look absolutely great there and the best part is that the tattoo will be seen only by the people you want, except when you’re on the beach.

Here are 30 amazing under-breast tattoos just to show you how hot they really are.

































You can’t get sexier ink than these eye-catchers.

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  1. Some really nice line work . . . would like to see some of these artists on "Ink Master". The last season of Ink Master was pretty lame . . . hope they get back to original concept . . . would you hire Salvador Dali to finish a Thomas Hart Benton

  2. Little ninja's hiding or adventurers exploring?
    Something more fun than what looks like an extension to a bra or table cloth.

  3. Every single one except for 24 (and I hate to single it out) is surprisingly well done in terms of design,detail, and color (or black&shade). Coincidently A lot of them are very similar in style

  4. Also, Jimmie, you're unprovoked nastiness shows where you're truly on need of a makeover, your inside. Bullying is not pretty.

  5. Thank you for having such awesome work to be shared! ….I replied to your daughter's account prior to seeing this post.

  6. Some look pretty good. Some of them have the stinky sock effect. *ew.. squints one eye and scruntches nose*

  7. Only number 14 makes sense and acts like a decorative detail. The other ones are just way too big and unattractive.

  8. “Getting a tattoo for men it is a lot easier, because even when they grow old and fat the tattoo will look good on them no matter where it is. The same can’t be said for women.”

    That’s a FUN doble standard.

  9. I love this new (to me) placement for a tattoo and I’ve been thinking about getting one. To Nick, the author, this is some of the most sexist writing. Men’s tattoos don’t ever look bad? Every woman wears bikinis at the beach?? Like, I get it, it IS sexy, but don’t presume to know why women get tattoos where they do, and furthermore don’t generalize an entire gender. Show me the stat that means most women don’t want their tattoos obvious so they get them on their lower back.

    And for everyone on the comments talking about how DISGUSTING it’ll look if gravity does its thing and the art gets covered a little, I find in many cases tattoos are gotten for the wearer and not for the beholder. Chill out and worry about your own boobs.

  10. You jimmy are a nasty fucker and if you say something nasty again I will come to your house and me and you are gonna be fighting you got that bitch boy or do I just need to put u in the hospital and no man will ever treat a women wrong while I’m around do u understand guys ladies dont worry about them ill Handel them I got you’ll’s back see I’m not jimmy I’m not nasty I’m cool and hate guys who disrespect women cause they think they are better. Then you’ll ladies but you ladies won’t have to worry about them much longer

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