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23 People Thought They Can Deal Easily with Some Stupid Objects. They Were Wrong

Okay now seriously, what is wrong with these people? – They are mad at their stupidity and a fight with an object will help them feel better?

Well, the object obviously did its part and fought back striking that last punch.

Just imagine how furious they were in pain after this.

They might were furious right now, but I’m laughing like crazy.

Oh man this is hilarious.

You will enjoy every second of these 26 people who will never ever again try to fight an object.

Let’s see what happened there.

1. He is never skateboarding again!


2. That will leave a mark

3. 1-0 for the object

4. That must’ve hurt

5. Nice work, genius!

6. Oh god he is not moving

7. Kids these days

8. Call the ambulance

9. HAHAHHA idiot!

10. Anything to impress your friends

11. K.O.

12. Oh that fence totally deserved it!

13. Ouuuuu so close…

14. What were you thinking?

15. I guess he was saying: You want a piece of me?

16. And not a single f**k was given that day

17. Oh wow…

18. LOL

19. HAHAHAHA this guy is the best

20. And this is how you fail a trick and break your hand

21. The Mike Tyson sign

22. The drugs kicked in

23. Enough with these deals!

You are doing it wrong people.

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