These 17 People Had Only One Job and Look What They Have Done. #12 Will Make You Think Twice Before Making a Decision

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While we are waiting Carmelo Anthony to make his decision, we decided to show you these guys who never saw it coming.

When I see this kind of fail situation I want to find the person responsible and yell at him: YOU HAD ONE JOB GOD DAMN IT!!!

Let’s all hope Melo won’t blow things up and sign for the right team.

Maybe these people thought they are doing things right and will help the community with their decision.

Well, they didn’t.

If you are thinking now: C’mon man things can’t be that bad.

Believe me, THEY ARE!

After you go through these pictures you will find out for what I’m talking about. Don’t you dare underestimate the people’s stupidity and the internet ever again.

Here we go.

1. No, this didn’t happen


2. Oh I get it.


3. Perfectly done, Masta’!


4. It’s hot and the building couldn’t take it anymore


5. Oh…


6. It’s easier to explain why you need a motorcycle


7. Who wants to cheat in the library anyway?


8. Go figure…


9. Whatever…


10. Probably a drunk man is responsible for the design


11. Brilliant. Kids’ childhood is ruined


12. Don’t you dare!


13. Ouch


14. Yes, you totally nailed it!


15. I’m going to shoot myself in my knee


16. How people suppose to … just forget it


17. Okay, You gone too far


Yes, we feel you, we feel your disbelief how people can be so stupid.

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  1. I know where number 5 is; that building was not originally handicap accessible, and then was retrofitted to make it handicap accessible. The engineers used the old stairs as part of the support for the new walkway to save money. The way it used to be worked as intended, and the way it is now worked as intended. What’s the issue?

    (Also, I’m guessing that number 9 is intentional, and that it looks correct if viewed from 90 degrees different than the picture shows; it probably isn’t blank on the back)

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