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Funniest Yearbook Fail Quotes You’ll Ever Read. Embarrassing Too

It’s that time of the year when graduates go crazy over their yearbook quotes. We qualified them in 3 types:

  • Awesome
  • Neutral
  • Fails

Guess what? – We decided to take a look at the fails.

I don’t know if someone has been messing around with these poor kids or they were forced to write this as their yearbook quote.

When I was a high school graduate I wrote the shortest quote ever written in order to avoid the laughing part. I’ll be honest with you, these quotes made me search for my yearbook and see all the quotes that seemed normal back in the day.

Now? – They don’t seem right. And No, I didn’t used any pictures here of my yearbook.

I bet these guys wanted to leave that final good impression that will be remembered for a long time. We will leave you to be the judge and express yourself in the comments section below whether these quotes are embarrassing or maybe clever.

We present to you our yearbook quotes of the year.



Oh c’mon dad

Oh c’mon dad

It depends

It depends ...

We hate you Joseph


Justin, the almighty savior

Justin the almighty savior

You got served

You got served

Majd, move on. Sincerely everyone

Majd, move on my friend. Just move on

The truth will set you free

The truth will set you free

Oh, so this guy has the shortest yearbook quote now

Oh, so this guy has the shortest yearbook quote now



It’s a miracle

It's a miracle

Totally agreed

Totally agreed

We never could

We never could

You can’t see

You can't see

Source: smosh

What’s the funniest yearbook quote you’ve ever read?

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