14 Epic Logo Fails That Will Make Your Laugh All Day

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According to all marketers, a good design of your logo catches the eyes of the customers and represents the first selling point.

However, the final result it’s not always like they have imagined it.

We’ve made a compilation of 14 epic logo fails that will make you laugh all day. All of these logos have a hidden message in them, that will make you think something else than its actual purpose.

Take a look at these logos we gathered for you. Oh boy, they are hilarious.

The Logo for Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

The Logo for Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

Via escorrecto.com.mx 

This logo was designed especially for the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission. On top of that, the logo won an award from LA’s Art Directors.



Via crasstalk.com 

The logo that made all people laugh. The world still doesn’t know its real intention, but it sure looks funny.

Arlington Pediatric Center


Via diazepam.fr 

They even made this logo their official brand. We were seeing it on every center. People even took photos with it.

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup

Via businessinsider.com

The state of Vermont got it all wrong with this ad for syrup. On first sight this logo gives you wrong direction until you see that they are offering syrup.

Sun Rise Sushi

Sun Rise Sushi

Via plus.google.com 

We shouldn’t comment on this, but it was meant to be a house under big yellow sun. Can you tell?



Via bartcop.com 

MegaFlicks should’ve use different font than this. It sure gives you wrong perspective about what are they selling in there.

Mont Sat

Mont Sat

Via lovelogo.pl 

Who doesn’t want to order a TV Satellite, when the logo looks so happy?

Office of Government Commerce

Office of Government Commerce

Via taringa.net 

An independent Treasury office. It tells you that you need to look at the things from another perspective in order to see the right picture.

Kids Exchange

Kids Exchange

Via quecolgados.blogspot.com 

No-Space-Logo doesn’t always look good. Just ask the people from Kids Exchange and they will tell you the same.

Swedish Locum

Sweedish Locum

Via thetoc.gr 

A Swedish company for locum, thought it would be really cool to throw a heart there to replace the “o”. This logo was released just before Christmas.

The Computer Doctors

The Computer Doctors

Via 21region.org 

Looking at this logo makes you wonder if their specialty is fixing computers or something else.

Kudawara Pharmacy

Kudawara Pharmacy

Via ocio.facilisimo.com 

We’ve been avoiding talking about this, but this Japanese pharmacy definitely gave another meaning of the letter “K”

Clinica Dental

Clinica Dental

Via geniv.forumcommunity.net 

Not sure if they offer dental services or… Maybe they have special methods for giving anesthesia to their patients.



Via geekadelphia.com 

We are still making fun of Pepsi with this logo. Once you see that fat guy the Pepsi logo won’t look the same, ever.

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