Best in Show Solitaire: Arcade

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Best in Show Solitaire: Arcade is a new iPhone adaptation based on the popular solitaire game for the PC. Returning fans of Best in Show for the PC and fans of solitaire variation games can now download and play the dog-themed title on the iPhone. Anyone not falling into those two categories can safely assume that this game isn’t for you.

Best in Show Solitaire: Arcade is a variation of the traditional solitaire card game. Instead of the neat columns of cards with the end card facing up, players will see a mixed pile of cards with just the end cards showing. As the cards on top are used or played, the cards on the bottom flip face up. The suit of the cards doesn’t matter, just the value. Cards have to be played by building one higher or lower. The goal of the game is to clear the entire pile using the remaining deck of cards, which the player can flip through once one card at a time. If you reach the bottom of the deck with cards still in the pile, you lose. Players can also play wild cards, which they get a limited supply of. Wild cards allow players to take cards from the pile no matter what value the card has. Players can create combos by playing multiple cards without having to flip another card from the deck.

Some of the other game options in Solitaire: Arcade include playing Short, Normal or Long Games. A Short Game is just one hand and the player gets three wild cards; a Normal game is two hands and the player gets five wild cards; and a Long Game is four hands and the player gets eight wild cards. Players can also aim for a whole list of achievements and keep track of their statistics to see the number of games played, wild cards used, best combo and more. At the end of each game players can submit their score and see how well they rank.

Best in Show Solitaire: Arcade isn’t a bad game, but I had a few issues with it. The touch sensitivity is quite bad, which is not a big deal, since timing is never an issue, but it still makes it annoying to work with. The game itself is very unique to traditional solitaire, but it seemed much easier to win, which I list as a negative because a game that you always win is a game that most people get bored with.

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