Can Oculus Rift’s Wicked Paradise Make Erotic Games Popular?

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The Oculus Rift is still almost a year away from being released, but there has been a steady buzz about the VR headset since its successful Kickstarter campaign back in August 2012, which itself followed the buzz that they received from presenting the Oculus Rift back in E3 2012 last year. Part of that buzz has been about some of the titles which will be supporting the Oculus Rift, one most notably, which is called Wicked Paradise. For those who are unaware, Wicked Paradise is an erotic virtual reality adventure game that is boasting that it will provide a realistic erotic experience to gamers.

Right now the details on their website (surprisingly safe for work) are sparse, to say the least, but they did explain Wicked Paradise as being like Leisure Suit Larry, but you are the character and you get to actually see and experience everything that you’d want to experience. They give some details about what they envision for Wicked Paradise, like imagine walking into a bar, seeing a beautiful woman and flirting with her, playing the game until you can have “passionate wild sex” with her. Of course, you’ll be experiencing this through the Oculus Rift’s VR experience, so in theory, it will be like being there, at least to your eyes and ears depending on your audio setup.

The team includes designers from all walks of the gaming world, without any real names named outside of past projects some of the team have worked on like Rage, Call of Duty, Lost Planet, Planetside 2 and Madden. There isn’t much of the actual game to really gauge how good or bad it will be, just one animation test (warning: not safe for work!) that they are saying is still very rough and not what they envision the finished product to be with Wicked Paradise.

Erotic video games, also just flat out known as porn video games, have had a bit of a rocky history. Every once in a while someone will have a grand vision about taking the billion dollar pornography business and trying to meld with with the multi-billion dollar video game industry, but it has been rocky, to say the least. Some of the more popular games were games like Virtual Valerie 2 (safe for work), Sexy Beach 3 (safe for work if not weird), 3D Sex Villa (safe for work) or the online Red Light Center (safe for work), all of which have been done on smaller budgets and most of which are just kind of weird.

No porn game has really been able to reach a wider audience, in part because most of the games have been confined to the PC without any sort of wider retail release due to the content. But with digital distribution growing like it is now, erotic games might have a market on the PC with peripherals such as the Oculus Rift due to how the general demographic of gamers has aged over the last few years and how digital distribution has become a more comfortable thing for gamers.

I’m not sure if Wicked Paradise will be the game to finally break through the thick walls of the gaming industry and make erotic porn games more viable, but things are looking up for those interested in erotic games with the advent of Wicked Paradise. Gamers have grown up, why don’t the games come along with their interests?

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