Bayonetta 2: Wii U Exclusivity Will Kill The Series

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With the recent week full of news, previews and demos of games at E3, lots of gamers got a sneak peak at upcoming titles. One of the most exciting titles shown at E3 was Bayonetta 2. A demo was available for the game showcasing a series of battles in an over the top fashion familiar to fans of the first game. Unfortunately, as was announced earlier in the year, Bayonetta 2 will be exclusive to the Wii U. While this may be a bold move from Nintendo, it will most likely result in the death of Bayonetta as a series.

The Series Was Already Dying

Much has been made about how Bayonetta was never getting a sequel in the first place until Nintendo came along and put down money for it. If this was indeed the case, then what will change by the game becoming a Wii U exclusive? The answer: Nothing. If Bayonetta was not profitable on multiple platforms, that won’t change on the Wii U. Not only that, but by being exclusive, Nintendo are also alienating the gamers who don’t want to purchase a Wii U anyway but loved the first game. Bayonetta isn’t a good enough game to be a system seller, so nothing will ultimately change. Seeing this, Nintendo will most likely not bother continuing the series.

The Wii U Won’t Add Anything To Bayonetta 2

Let’s face it, Bayonetta was good without all the Nintendo gimmicks like the Wii-mote. The same will be the case with the Wii U gamepad. It will add nothing to the series aside from being able to play the game on the gamepad while someone else is watching the TV. Given how the Wii U itself is a weak console compared to the newly announced next-gen consoles by Sony and Microsoft, not much will improve in the game itself compared to the first game. Essentially, Bayonetta 2 will more likely be Bayonetta 1.5. While improvements are most obvious in the graphics department, gameplay and A.I. can be immensely bettered with the coming of next-gen consoles. Unfortunately we won’t get this with Bayonetta 2. Many will see this, whether gamer or reviewer, and it won’t be to the benefit of Bayonetta 2.

Nintendo Has Built Itself For The Casual Market

And the casual market won’t care for a game like Bayonetta 2. Sales for Bayonetta weren’t that good to begin with, but going to the Wii U might very well reduce that number further. The casual market from the Wii and Wii U don’t tend to buy games that aren’t catering to the casual mindset. An over the top game like Bayonetta 2 will unlikely appeal to them. The bulk of purchases would have to be from core fans of Bayonetta, and they have already been alienated. This won’t paint a pretty picture for Bayonetta 2, as sales less than the original won’t help its cause in the future. While we haven’t seen much of the game yet, it at least still looks good. There could be some issue though if Nintendo force its gamepad touchscreen to be used in game. Gimmicks like that in a pure gameplay game like Bayonetta will only hurt the game and the series on a whole. There’s hope that won’t be the case here, but if you don’t cater to the casual market on the Wii U, you don’t cater to anyone really.

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      1. i got the wii u for a lot of games so killurself also only a loser reply to a loser so i guess were both loser

  1. Wow this article has so many opinions and very little facts. The author also seemed to be biased against Nintendo. You do know that not all casuals are the same. Some casuals turn into gamers with the right game to move them. Nintendo gave you new ways to play the game in your own unique style. The series were dying because other companies did not see its potential and they did not try to think of new ways to improve the game. Nintendo and Platinum Games will find ways to make this game into something big that would attract our attention and will bring the series back up from the grave.

  2. This person is acting like it is Nintendo’s fault. The series was dead when Nintendo picked it up. Nintendo wants this game so that it will make their game look less casual.

  3. I never heard of Bayonetta until it was announced for the WiiU. Now I’ll buy number 2. Bit of a sob sooky article. This comes back to the point the consumers need to buy the platform to own any Nintendo exclusive (which Bayonetta 2 now is). No one can want the game, and accuse Nintendo of limiting the game from anyone.
    And the system horsepower point is nonsense as evidence is suggesting higher production titles are becoming less financially viable (without added costs of DLC etc..). Also, PS4/Xbone aren’t looking to make titles any more creative.
    Everyone needs to admit they want the games Nintendos got and get jealous.
    Stop whining and just buy their system

    If Bayonetta doesn’t progress or survive as a series, its the consumers fault. If they want more Bayonetta, support it

  4. Awful writing dude. You need to find a real job because this one ain’t gonna do you any favors. Mcdonalds maybe.

  5. There wouldn’t be a series if Nintendo hadn’t stepped in and funded the second game after the first flopped commercially. The series was dead, Nintendo revived it.

  6. I don’t know if you chose the headline or if it was the site, but it is terribly misleading. It makes one think that the series would otherwise survive had Nintendo left it alone. You sort of explained that within the article but the title clouds everything else.

    Second of all, Fire Emblem, as hardcore as gaming gets, sold incredibly well on 3DS, another “casual” system. If Nintendo gives it the attention and the marketing it needs, it will sell well on Nintendo systems. It is foolish to think that all Nintendo gamers are casuals who don’t enjoy these type of games. Don’t you know that many Nintendo gamers own PS3’s and 360’s as well? It’s not all about Wii Sports.

  7. man this a terribly written article. You guys need to get back on your game, i did not expect this type of rubbish from this site. Go on this path you will lose many loyal readers

  8. I cannot believe what I just read. This is amongst the worse rubbish I’ve read anywhere including The Daily Star. The writer should be deeply ashamed and find a new hobby, preferably one he doesn’t completely suck at. What a big cry baby.

  9. No one actually said that Bayonetta 2 will be a “system seller” all by itself, but if you have that game along with other games like Super Smash Bros; Mario Kart 8, Wonderful 101 and the new Monolith Soft game, couldn’t all those games, which are being released within the same time period, be a good enough reason to buy a Wii U? Hell I remember people buying a Wii just to play Brawl and I have no doubt the same will happen with Bayonetta 2 along with those other games.

  10. This is the most stupid article I’ve ever read. You could have called it Wii-U exclusivity
    won’t save Bayonetta but, in any case, it just reads like it was written by an angry Bayonetta fan whose Mum and Dad refuse to buy him a Wii U.

    You’ve also put an article up that says that Nintendo might ruin this game with gimmicks despite the fact there’s been a demo available that proves that the gameplay is intact with the bonus of additional features and ways to play.

    Finally, who do you think Bayonetta is actually aimed at? A large-breasted, ultra-violent, gun-toting witch with lots of bottom, crotch and cleavage shots. I can’t think of anything about that that isn’t what casual gamers are all about.

  11. I guess you had nothing to write about, so decided to troll. Okay, I’ll feed you point by point:

    1) “Bayonetta isn’t a good enough game to be a system seller” Really? How do you come to that conclusion, and how exactly do you define “system seller”? It has a fan base, and just maybe the Wii U version is far better than past versions.

    2)”Bayonetta was good without all the Nintendo gimmicks like the Wii-mote. The same will be the case with the Wii U gamepad.” Again, how do you know this? More supposition? Even if it “only” used the gamepad to play offscreen, that would be better. I suspecet they can do more with it. I’d also point out to you that the Wii-mote “gimmick” you referred to was brought to BOTH MS (Kinnect) and Sony in their systems (glowball). PS4 is again attempting to copy Wii U, using PS Vita.

    3) “Nintendo has built itself for the casual market” Really? Funny, but I did buy a Wii U, and I will have M games on it, in spite of my child because they built in parental controls. I don’t for an instant understand the stupidity of a comment like this, when it is HARDWARE – you know, it runs whatever you tell it to? How do you exactly build hardware for the casual market?

    I did buy a Wii U, because it [lays our Wii games. I will not be buying a PS4 for a couple years because it doesn’t play my PS3 games and I don’t want 3 consoles. I will not buy an Xbone as I don’t like their stupid DRM, and again, I’d prefer not to have 3 consoles.

    The truth is however, the outside of the Wii U, the most likely next system purchase will be a PC with Steam, which is the ideal replacement for PS4 or Xbone.

  12. what exactly is the point of this article. Most of this probably will probably be coming true, but what does the author care?.
    This whole article has this frustrated tone to it, as if Nintendo is somehow hurting the series.
    Point is, the game would not be made without them. Period.
    So let them try their luck at it. Who cares if they fail. It will be in no worse of a position it was before.
    why even mention the alienation of fans who wouldn’t buy a WiiU. This game was canceled. Nintendo resurrected them. What sense does it make not make this an exclusive when your funding the game?
    This is truly one of the most infantile articles ever. Clearly, this person wants this game. Just buy a WiiU. If not, Shut up

    1. You didn’t read the article the person isn’t complaining about Bayonetta 2 being on wii u he’s saying it will kill the game series to be exclusive to wii u, no REAL fan would want that, just stupid fanboys who are glad they stole a hardcore game from the other hardcore consoles

      1. no i read the article. The fact is, Hideki Kamiya has said a couple times that this game could not have been done without Nintendo.
        If not for Nintendo publishing and funding this game, the series would have died. Sega had canceled it.
        This author is complaining about this game being an exclusive, when there was no other way for it to be made.
        Nintendo are the only ones who saw enough value to finance the game. Not sony, not Microsoft, not even sega.
        And only a fool would expect Nintendo to let this game be multiplatform, after they have invested so much in it. Its a Nintendo published game, they are within their right for it to be exclusive to their hardware.
        Anyone with a brain can see that the series was dead before Nintendo entered the picture. You should be thanking Nintendo for giving the series another chance.
        if it turns out to be successful, then there is a possibility it will convince sega to finance a multiplatform release of the next installment down the line.
        Nintendo has given this series a fighting chance. It being a wiiu exclusive cant kill the series because it was already dead. It being a wiiu exclusive has actually resurrected the series. Sega had given up on it.
        knowing all this, and this author still complains about it being a wiiu exclusive.
        Knowing all the facts and still having a problem with this indicates to me some issue with it being exclusive to the wiiu, as I don’t think the author would be complaining this much if it ended up being a ps4 or XboxONE exclusive

  13. I’m sorry but this article sucks. Why did you waste your time with writing this. The Bayoneta demo looked fantastic. It doesn’t matter what system is on if it looks and plays well. Calling the sequel Bayonets 1.5 is ridiculous especially considering that a sequel on the same console can push the hardware more. I’m disappointed with Nintendo’s slow release of games, but what they are releasing soon looks quality. The only thing that matters is if the game is fun. Don’t get caught up in next gen hype and forget that.

  14. Good article, everything here is true Bayonetta could have been the new DMC especially as Capcom has now pretty much killed that series but because Platinum games weren’t willing to spend a little money to make Bayonetta 2 for xbox 360 and ps3 now it will die on wii u, because hardly any gamers that enjoy Bayonetta have a wii u and as cool as Bayo 1 was it ISN’T worth buying a new console for. It’s sad that Platinum games killed off their best IP

    1. Devs and publishers are not the same. Developers often need publishers to finance projects.
      Platinum games is a great company, but they aren’t anywhere near as huge as EA, UBI, ACTIVIATION, OR NINTENDO to be able to always finance their own development.
      Nobody wanted to finance Bayo 2. Everyone, including Sega gave up on it.
      In came Nintendo to finance the game for themselves. If not for Nintendo, this game wouldn’t even be made. period. Therefore the series was dead; it wasn’t considered valuable enough for others to finance it, and was canceled.
      Nintendo resurrected it

  15. The funny thing is Bayonetta 1 was not a flop. It sold a reported 1.3 million units (more then other recent games to get a sequel such as Dragon’s Dogma, and a hell of a lot more then other recent platinum games such as Vanquish and Anarchy Reigns) and was heavily praised critically. I find it hard to believe that Platinum could not get backing from Microsoft or Sony especially with fresh IPs being so valuable right now with all the heavily sequeled games going around.

    It sounds to me like Platinum just got a sweet deal from Nintendo for exclusivity rights to the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if the sales are not enough to continue the series thanks to it being an exclusive, however I would not be surprised if it outsells Platinum’s other big upcoming release (The Wonderful 101), and does indeed get greenlit for a multi-platform sequel.

  16. i do own a WiiU (along side with my xbox360-kinect a.k.a. netflix/dvd machine) and surely i will get bayoneta 2…
    i just bougth an xbox360 to play bayonetta 1 so… in any case… it was my “system seller”

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