E3 2013: Top 5 Games From The Microsoft Conference

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With E3 2013 a day old, we’ve survived one of the most exciting E3’s in recent memory. From Microsoft’s at the start to Sony’s at the end, there were so many games announced. It’s hard to keep count of all the games that have been announced, but we’ll try to anyway here by announcing the top 5 games form the Microsoft conference. We won’t distinguish between exclusives and multiplats here, so the games have to shine on their own to make this list.

5. Titanfall

Titanfall is perhaps one of the bigger games that has been announced at E3 this year. Little was known about it going into the conference, but a good amount of gameplay was shown and for the most part, the game looks good. From my eyes, it is still only another shooter, with big mechs being the unique part. Shooters aren’t going to inspire me much and there will be plenty of competition in that field come later this year anyway. On its own, it still looks very good, and the concept of a multiplayer-esque single player campaign sounds intriguing, although if that means it requires a constant internet connection, that’s kinda unfortunate.

4. Dark Souls 2

What can I say, Dark Souls is a great game and it’s sequel looks really good too. Seeing more of it is only a good thing. While it isn’t going to be a big announcement for others, especially since it isn’t an exclusive game, it still blows a lot of other game previews out of the water. We saw the huge scope of the areas within the game, we saw some enemies and we saw a particularly awesome looking boss battle. I can’t wait to play it!

3. Dead Rising 3

One of the more interesting reveals at E3 was Dead Rising 3’s. While it is a sequel to an already existing IP, it does seem to have taken a different turn. It looks more serious compared to the older games, and to be honest, looks much better too. I loved the weapon modifications and the difference between combat in the open areas versus the combat in dark and tighter places. It looks like a great title to launch the Xbox One. I do have my suspicions with regards to the Smartglass integration within the game, since it feels like another gimmick that will be within many next-gen games.

2. The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is promising to be a bigger and better game compared to The Witcher 2. That can only be a good thing. We got our first peak at the game and it looked really good. It still seems to retain the Witcher feel of these games, and being the final chapter of Geralt’s, it is looking to deliver a great game. CD Projekt Red have made mention that the world will be open like Skyrim, while still maintaining the important storytelling that The Witcher series has been known for. I’m still stoked for this game as much as anyone else.

1. Metal Gear Solid 5

And at number 1, we have the game that opened the Microsoft conference: Metal Gear Solid 5. Another entry into the MGS series has shown itself to be a seriously massive game. An open-world setting for the new MGS has me excited. Big Boss is back with a bunch of weird and wonderful companions and foes that look just as intriguing as any MGS. While Big Boss now has a different voice actor, perhaps we’ll get David Hayter (original Snake’s voice actor) will return in some shape or form. The game still feels like a great stealth game and the massive over-world will hopefully bring out even more awesomeness out of the series.

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