Luis Suarez’s Bite & Other Funky Features FIFA 14 Needs

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One of the most hotly talked about incidents over the past week outside of video games has been a football related incident involving Liverpool striker Luis Suarez biting an opponent during a match. As shocking an incident as that was, it wasn’t the first of its kind in the Premier League. Regardless of that though, and as horrendous an act as it was, one can’t help but see the funny side to it too. This got me to thinking, since FIFA games always try to emulate real life football, surely FIFA 14 should include ridiculous features to lighten the mood. Here are some of those features:

5) Time Wasting

Time wasting is a massive part of football. From Barcelona to Reading, all teams take part in time wasting because it works. In FIFA games, there is no true ability for players to time waste in matches. Every time the ball is with the goalkeeper, the game will automatically shoot the ball for you should you take too long. This isn’t realistic, and takes away from that element of simulation FIFA games are all about. Time wasting is a strategic element in football, and so it should be here too. Referee’s can always be allowed to give yellow cards when players take too long.

4) Running From The Referee

I loved this feature in older FIFA games (at least, I think it was FIFA…). Whenever you were called up for a foul and were going to be given a yellow card, you could simply run around the field all day long away from the referee. Of course, once you gave up and he caught up with you, you’d get a red card where you would’ve just gotten a yellow card. It was pretty stupid, but hella funny.

3) Biting & Other Horrendous Tackles

This is where Luis Suarez comes in. He should definitely have a hidden ability where at some random point when a player decides to use Luis Suarez and tackle an opponent, Suarez will just go up to him and bite him. Like I said, proper simulation of real world sport needs to go a step further. It doesn’t have to happen all the time, but it should be there (preferable when playing against Chelsea). Suarez shouldn’t be alone though, other players with horrendous tackles should be included too. Wigan’s Callum McManaman should have an ability to significantly injure opponents with horrendous looking tackles too.

2) Stripping

We see many players remove their shirts when they celebrate a goal. In FIFA games, there are a variety of goal celebrations included in the game, but none that have the player removing their shirt. This should definitely be included in FIFA 14. While full on stripping might be a bit too much, scoring an important goal in the heat of the moment just screams for a player to take off their shirt. It shows real emotion and connection to the team. To not have this in FIFA games is embarrassing.

1) Simulation

Last, but not least, is the inclusion of simulation. I believe a previous Pro Evolution Soccer game, developed by Konami, had this feature once. They have since removed it, but it was another classic addition that proved very fun. Simulation in football terms is the act of faking a foul to gain an advantage on the pitch. Usually this involves players falling to the ground under the slightest of challenges. This should be included in FIFA 14 as it is another strategic element. It won’t work all the time, and pulling it off when no opponent is close by will result in a yellow card (as in real world football). It would provide another level of mind-games in matches as defenders worry about tackling and attackers have to consider whether shooting/passing would be a better option.

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  1. It was FIFA International Soccer (ie. the first one), which I had on the Mega Drive, where you could run away from the ref. Your article is wrong though, if you were getting chased for a yellow, you’d still only get a yellow card when you stopped running away from him.

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