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God Mode Takes Mindless Killing To a Whole New Level

Arcade titles are becoming more popular as they offer entertaining games at very low prices. Most full games today cost around $59.99 or more around release and don’t guarantee the player that they will indeed get their money’s worth in playtime. There have been countless games I have played that I spent more time putting into the console and taking it out then I did playing it. This means when you do in fact find an arcade title for $10, that not only offers hours of gameplay but tons of fun, then you can’t help put leap for joy.

God Mode welcomes you to Hades with open arms and invites you to spend countless hours shooting demons. The action-packed third-person shooter drops the boring narratives and focuses primarily on mindless killing. Players start out with a SMG and a shotgun and are sent on their way. While single player mode is entertaining enough–the game truly shines when it comes to multiplayer. Here is were you can join up with 4 co-op partners and rack up on money and items.

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The game is broken up into segments which allow you to get short breaks in between all the killing to allow players to upgrade and adjust accordingly. Each area is tactfully designed and are activated through the special statute in each Test of Faith stage. The challenges are randomly picked which can be that enemies may be larger or even the player will have brief moments of invincibility during battle. The randomness of each area really makes each fight unique and fun.

Once you clear a room then glowing portals appear that take you to the next area. You are tasked with killing everything in site and this repeats until you finish the stage. Most games would have become painstakingly stale after a few attempts of this but not God Mode. Somehow they have managed to take a game that is ALL nonsensical carnage and make it addictively entertaining. When you complete the stage then you are rewarded with a room full of gold coins. The first thought that pops into your mind is, “Time to get paid!” That is when the timer counts down and you have until it reaches zero to collect as much gold as possible.

God Mode was designed for multiplayer and well it just isn’t as much fun alone. I suppose mindlessly killing hundreds of demons just doesn’t have the intrigue of killing them all with friends. Gamers can use the money collected from each round to upgrade their weapons, skills, costumes and much more. If you want mindless entertainment for a cheap price then pickup God Mode because it is one of the few games that has managed to nail it.