Can BioShock: Infinite Hold Onto Game of the Year Title?

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As of right now we are early into April, which means that we’ve only passed the quarter mark for the year-to-date and without a doubt the Game of the Year so far is BioShock: Infinite. Outside of a few minor complaints about some of the tiresome waves of enemies in the mid-section of the game that makes it feel a bit bloated and like it should have been shorter. It has wowed fans with its in-depth story, adult characters and some of its darker themes. The only problem with BioShock: Infinite being the game of the year is that, well, it is April and there are going to be a ton more games to come out, some of which will clearly be contenders.

So here are some of the games which will definitely challenge BioShock: Infinite.

Grand Theft Auto V — This much is clear, that Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most-anticipated games of the last few years with a ton of hype built up around it. Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto games have been some of the best-selling games in history and they’ve also been some of the best games from a quality standpoint. While Grand Theft Auto IV might not of had the same kind of magic to it that some of the last few games have had, but all of the signs for Grand Theft Auto V are pointing towards it being one of the best of the series, which would be quite an incredible game.

Beyond: Two Souls — From a pure quality standpoint, Quantic Dream have a ton of momentum and their upcoming title, Beyond: Two Souls, is looking to be one of the game’s of the year, hands down. Rounding out the enhanced gameplay from their last title, Heavy Rain, there is also a Hollywood-level cast to help deliver the story and characters.

The Last of Us — Naughty Dog is going out on a limb and launching a new IP this summer with The Last of Us, following up on the success of the Uncharted series and promising to bring more tension, more in-depth characters and gameplay featuring two different characters. Many are already airmarking this one for one of the games of the year.

Battlefield 4 — First Person Shooter fans are looking forward to one of two (or both) titles this fall and one of those is Battlefield 4. Battlefield 4 is coming after the wildly popular and successful Battlefield 3 and promises that everything will be bigger and better. While the game has only just been announced, fans are already salivating at the first glimpses at the single player campaign, which usually isn’t even the best part!

Call of Duty: Ghosts — This is the other heavy contender when it comes to first person shooter games, dividing up the audience and being one of the pound-for-pound best-selling game series in history. Ghosts will create its own sub-series not of the Modern Warfare or Black Ops lineage and promises to be a different experience. No matter what this game will sell well and get solid reviews, but will it be a game of the year? That is still up in the air.

There are still other games that could potentially take the throne as game of the year, with these only some of the obvious contenders, but for the time being it is BioShock: Infinite. If BioShock: Infinite can remain the game of the year for the next few months is a whole different story altogether.

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