Aliens: Colonial Marines: 5 Reasons The Wii U Is Better Off Without It

Aliens: Colonial Marines is a bad game. There really is no way around it. It failed to live up to its hype. By staggering the launch of the game though, Aliens: Colonial Marines could have gotten more polish to go with its Wii U release. Perhaps there was some hope for the game. The past week however, has shown how hard game development is. Aliens: Colonial Marines has been canceled for the Wii U. That’s probably for the better though.

5) It’s Ugly

The Wii U was suppose to usher in the next-generation of consoles. Whether you want to say that was a success or not, it wouldn’t have helped the Wii U’s cause to have a game with such bad graphics the likes that are present in Aliens: Colonial Marines. Graphics aren’t the most important part of a video game, no doubt, but in Aliens: Colonial Marines, it feels more lazy than anything else. 2D games still have a graphical charm, but this game does not.

4) Terrible Characterization

While Nintendo characters aren’t the most well-rounded characters in video gaming history, they still ooze a sense of uniqueness that makes them stand out. The original Alien films also ooze a sense of satisfaction in terms of characters to die-hard fans of the Alien franchise. Aliens: Colonial Marines however, strips that all away. It simultaneously degrades movie and gaming characters by having one-dimensional soldiers parade through the game. I’m not sure anymore exactly who the kind of people these characters are aimed at. Surely everyone finds them annoying?

3) Simplistic Gameplay

The gameplay in Aliens: Colonial Marines is too simple. Fights against alien and human enemies aren’t engaging. Your companions around you are perfect shields that absorb damage while the large variety of customizable weapons not only takes away from the feel of horror in the game, it also makes combat easy. The game is really trying to fit in with other, better, FPS games, but it does a terrible job.

2) Terrible Plot

Oddly enough, the game tries to be a tie-in with the Aliens film from 1986. Why they set such lofty heights for the game is beyond me. It is kind of a ‘true sequel’ to Aliens. It however, just manages to screw even that up. The game brings back a character thought dead in the film, and really does not give you a good explanation as why he still lives. He just does, and is apparently the cause behind the problems in the game. Definitely not an engaging story to be found here.

1) Bad Level Design

Nintendo fans are used to really good level design in their games. Whether it be from standard levels or during boss levels, Nintendo generally pleases its fans. Aliens: Colonial Marines however, doesn’t. Standard corridor FPS levels during the first parts of the game give way to slightly larger areas during the latter parts of the game. Does this mean it gets better? No. The enemy A.I. and count number don’t adapt well to the bigger environment, looking silly and definitely not menacing in numbers. The final boss fight doesn’t help matters either, featuring a forgettable fight with the alien Queen.

While the Wii U may be struggling at this moment in time, there’s no reason to add this game amongst its collection.


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