Risk: Factions

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For fans of the classic strategy board game Risk, Risk: Factions on Facebook is a dream come true. While not an exact replica of the popular board game, Risk: Factiosn keeps all of the core elements and expands the gameplay with alternate maps and factions. Brought to you by EA, this comically animated version of Risk is sure to entertain.

Even if you’ve never heard of the board game Risk before, you won’t be far behind the pros with the simple tutorial provided when you start playing Risk: Factions. Once you’re through the initial tutorial, there are missions to help direct and instruct you in gameplay elements. However, the core elements of the game are still all about troop numbers and dice rolls. Compared to some in-depth strategy games that are available, Risk: Factions would definitely be described as a light strategy game; which is not to say that strategy is not required, just that there aren’t a whole lot of elements and resources to keep track of. In that aspect, Risk: Factions is a great title for kids or adults who don’t want to spend the time to master a strategy game with too many details.

Whether you have a bunch of friends to join you or you’re playing solo, Risk: Factions provides both a single player campaign and multiplayer options. Choose your faction, map and difficulty to play a match against computer generated AI players, or choose a map and faction and set up a multiplayer match with up to four friends. Once a match is started, you can check back in and take your turns at your leisure. Of course, with the single player campaign the computer characters will always take their turns instantly. The difficulty in single player ranges from easy to medium to hard, and usually the amount of generals you’re facing as well as your troop advantages will depend on which setting you choose.

Risk: Factions differs and attempts to improve on the classic Risk game by adding several different gameplay elements. There are three different factions to play as: human, zombie and cat. However, everyone must start out playing human. The special bonus cards that you can play for an advantage vary with each faction, which is the main difference, aside from appearance. Each player also has a base that they can visit between or during matches. The base is primarily used to farm reserve troops and weapons to use during your matches. Like Risk the board game, you can only place a certain number of troops on your turn based on the territories you control. However, in Risk: Factions, the troops that you place must all be taken from the reserves that you train and farm at your base. Troops cost money to train, which you can earn by rolling successful attacks during matches.

Risk: Factions features ten different maps to play and conquer; four different multiplayer matches that can be run at once; humor added through funny animations and ridiculous concepts (like a cat or zombie army); and an active community forum. Unlike other Facebook games, the only thing that keeps you from playing Risk: Factions continuously is the number of troops you have, and they don’t take long to recruit. If you have some time to kill or are looking for a fun game to play with friends, Risk: Factions is definitely worth trying.

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