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Whether you’re a veteran of The Sims and every expansion that’s ever been released in the series or are completely new to the genre, The Sims Social on Facebook has something fun and new for you to enjoy. Unlike the traditional Sims games that attempt to have you play out and manage as many aspects of the traditional (and sometimes odd) suburban family, The Sims Social keeps it simple and allows you to focus on taking care of one person or Sim.

An easy to understand and friendly tutorial gets you started once you’ve created and customized your Sim. Everything from the outfit, skin tone, facial features and personality can be customized on your Sim to suit your preferences. Once you’re through the tutorial, you can do whatever you’d like within the bound s of The Sims Social, but there are quests from neighbors that will add structure to your gameplay. The quests will also help to teach you about different aspects of the game and show you how you can improve your Sim’s lifestyle.

The main goal in The Sims Social is to keep your Sim happy; happy Sims are successful Sims. In order to keep your Sim happy, you’ll have to make sure that it’s bathing, using the bathroom, sleeping, having fun and socializing. Some of these chores are accomplished simply by pushing a button and watching your Sim complete the action (bathroom time is censored, so no peeking), but other activities like socializing can be as complicated in game as out. Okay, maybe not that complicated, but that is one of the few ways that The Sims Social actually attempts to encourage you to have other Facebook friends play: so you’ll have other Sims for your Sim to visit and socialize with.

Every day that you log in to play The Sims Social you’ll receive a daily reward of in-game cash that you can put towards buying a shiny new item from the shop. You can purchase everything from furniture and decorations to house upgrades and items that will help you increase your Sim’s skills, which we’ll address in a bit. Many of the items in the shop need to be unlocked by achieving a high enough skill or Sim level. Your Sim will level up as it gains experience by completing the tasks that you assign it. As you purchase and add items to your Sim’s house and yard, the value of the house goes up. While there is technically no winning The Sims Social, having a valuable house definitely means that you’re doing well and gives you bragging rights. Other ways to earn in-game money include performing just about any activity that requires the use of a skill.

While there’s no day and night cycle allowing you to play The Sims Social continuously, your Sim’s Energy dictates the amount of activities that it can perform. Energy regenerates every five minutes or so and is completely restored when your Sim levels up. The basic activities to keep your Sim happy don’t cost Energy, but activities that increase skill levels or complete quests usually do. You can increase your Sim’s skill levels in writing, cooking and composing by performing tasks associated with those skills. Your Sim will also acquire traits that can be customized and leveled up through use.

As with many Facebook games, there is no true end or win scenario in The Sims Social, but there are plenty of goals to work towards. Whether you spend the game striving to increase your Sim’s skills and traits, improve relationships or increase the value of your Sim’s house, there is a lot of fun to be had and hours of gameplay to enjoy in The Sims Social.

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