5 Forgotten MMOs

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The internet goes through phases like any hopeful adolescent child (boys specifically because I’m convinced that only they are effected on a deep personal level by puberty, you know why.)  because like any kid,  there’s the factor of wanting and getting, or not, followed by forgetting or any other variation of whatever, depending on what you’re into.  Alright,  I’m not here to talk about deep rooted issues,  the point is, everyone on the internet is here for something. Us geeks in particular, we’re the worst bunch.  We talk too much or too little and our attention spans are shot.  We forget but never forgive (remember Mass Effect 3?  Of course you do) and so I have compiled this list of things wanted, had and forgotten.

Endless Online

Everyone should put their weapons away, it’s a no-fight zone anyway.

Anime inspired artwork and simple graphics is enough to remind you of multiple titles out now, if not just think Maple Story or Fiesta. Endless Online is much more forgettable than either of those previously mentioned MMOs however.  The GMs (Game Masters) are beyond inactive and as a result this game has fallen to the trolls, hackers and anything else you can think of that ruins a game. The fan base is very small, in fact smaller than it was even back when the game was playable.  There have been several remakes of the game over the past year so don’t be surprised if you visit one of those top 2D mmorpg sites and find a game with the same setup under a different name. For those who have played the game in the past, There may or may not have been changes made since then but don’t even count on seeing any new material if you plan on revisiting this forgotten gem.  The answer to “can I still try it?” is yes but I heard it was tricky getting onto that server.

Ashen Empires


Holy shit, it’s Micwizard!

If you were a fan of Dransik at all then you might have played Ashen Empires out of respect.  The games top-down view brings you that classic feel and there are enough upgradeable skills to keep you busy when you’re not out hunting.  I feel that the gameplay is much more fluent while participating in group raids and maybe that’s what Pixel Mine was going for. The only reason I can come up with for the games lack of traffic lately is the increase of other F2P games on the market and the tendency to choose 3D over 2D. Understandable of course, it all eventually comes down to personal taste.  But still, the NPCs fought like straight up thugs.

Gemstone IV

Look at that roleplaying..

Right, listen MUDs are great.  Free to play MUDs are better though. Dated MUDs that cost $15 a month make for some interesting times however. Going back to what I said earlier, the free-to-play model isn’t the ONLY way to success but it sure does help.  Even the micro-transaction style of corporate greed works better in the long run for everybody if it’s done right.  But last time I checked the only game worth paying $15 a month for is EVE Online and that’s only because they know, that we know, that CCP needs to heat their HQ in Iceland somehow.  By the way this game was amazing for the (repeat) 30-day trial and change that I actually got to play it.


“Dude let’s be honest, do you see a future?  You know, like, for us..”

You can’t sit there and tell me this game is bad ass.  Planeshift is what happens when you get too ambitious.  Atomic Blue, my hat is off to you, don’t ever quit!  Let’s just hope that when you folks (finally) cross the finish line there will be at least one screaming fan there with you when it’s all said and done.  Even then you’ll probably still be fixing things, very insignificant and mundane things like that guys nose when obviously those ears need to be touched up ASAP.  Hell, how about a graphics overhaul,  this game is starting to look like Second Life in a third-world country.


“So uh, you guys waiting for the music to start too?”

Unless you live in or around the France area you probably don’t care about Dofus.  At least in Endless Online the players were fun to bug, hassle, insult and pretty much start riots with.  That is not something you’re going to get in Dofus.  This game is for cyber-hippies and hey if that floats your boat so be it.  The game is pretty to look at and uh, yeah that’s about it.  Oh and they have really cool wallpapers making this the least forgotten MMO game on the list right now if that makes you feel better.  Matter of fact, they’re coming out with more spin-off products and a movie.  I mean, it’s whatever.

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