Theo’s Thoughts #31: Questing as End Game Content

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With the announcement of the next World of Warcraft patch, there has been a lot of excitement around the community. As an avid forum goer, I have been doing my best to keep up on this conversation. While doing so, something caught my attention. A couple of posts, whether trolling or not, claimed that the game has been reduced to nothing but dailies and that questing was the new end game for World of Warcraft. Now, this is a pretty silly idea since the dailies do not offer the most powerful rewards, and even the rewards offered are only obtainable by doing other things. (Dungeons or Raids for Valor points). However, this got me thinking, could questing actually become a serious form of end game content?

When I ask this, I do not simply mean having quests for players to do at the maximum level. I mean can questing actually become a challenging and rewarding activity, such as raiding or PvP; so much so that it is something that is the main reason players play?

This is at the very least a very interesting idea, but it does raise some obvious concerns. The biggest one is the problem that many players have with dailies as they are. Raiders will be forced to do this more challenging form of questing if the rewards will help them improve their characters. Honestly, this problem does not really have an answer. Blizzard could add a new stat to the game which makes players more effective against non-instanced enemies, so the items will not be desired by raiders. But this seems like an almost cheesy solution.

The problem would be that players can just group up together to make what would be challenging for one person a cake walk for a group of three. I don’t feel like this is a huge problem though, since WoW is meant to be played with others. But if there was a way to scale enemies depending on how many players are around, similar to how Diablo 3 works, then this would help keep these quests interesting for groups of all sizes.

Now, this is all just a crazy idea, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad one. The new Brawler’s Guild feature along with the new Karasang Wilds dallies has shown that solo content can be quiet popular. I personally think it would be interesting if Blizzard made content that was a cross between these two features, with the challenge of the Brawler’s Guild and the story quests, and rewarded players in a way that does not make the content required, but would still be worth while and possibly help players progress more through this type of content. However, this would take a lot of resources on Blizzard’s part, and in all reality will probably never happen, but oh well, just an interesting thought.

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