Dissecting Capcom’s Latest Remember Me Trailer

One of this year’s more unique yet still anticipated video game title is Capcom’s Remember Me. While Capcom have been getting some negative press due to DLC practices and the sub-par Resident Evil 6, their newer IPs seem to be a saving grace. Dragon’s Dogma released to decent reception, and a new game on the horizon, Remember Me, has peaked the interest of many too. Capcom released a new trailer recently showcasing a bit more of the game. This article will try to dissect that trailer and theorize what may lie ahead. The full trailer can be seen at the bottom of this article.

The trailer starts off showcasing a robot playing the piano with Nilin, the game’s protagonist, watching from behind. The scene starts to encounter some static interference, however nothing much comes form this as the trailer shifts to a different scene immediately. As Nilin has been labeled a ‘memory hunter’, there’s a possibility the robot is one of her targets. Which begs the question, what role do robots play in the game? Are their memories easily hacked in the same way Nilin can hack human memories? Perhaps all Nilin wants is to steal the ability to play the piano just as well as the robot (which, mind you, sounds like an awesome side-ability to have – that is, randomly hacking memories to do non-story related things).

The scene shifts to a mission where Nilin is tasked with hacking the memories of a specific target. By the way, Nilin has an awesome sounding British accent. To be fair, from the trailer, the voice acting seems very good overall too. Nevertheless, this section of the trailer shows more of the sci-fi world that the game is set in. From the aforementioned robot to airships to futuristic advertisements. It has a surprising amount of ‘normalcy’ in it too. Buildings look standard fair and there doesn’t seem like there is much else in terms of transport aside from the airships.

The trailer then starts to show some brief combat scenes. Not enough to really get a feel for the game, but the game did remind me of Assassin’s Creed, as Nilin fought 3-4 guards without much issue. If you have watched a previous video that showcased the combat system in more depth, you’ll know the combat is made up of combos that are essentially assigned to Nilin. These combos have different uses as some deal more damage while others give Nilin a healing boost. It’s a nifty idea with supposedly a good amount of variety, but one can’t really judge that as of yet. At least we get to see how combat is more futuristic with what seems like technological attachments that Nilin can use during battle to give her an edge.

Speaking of edge, we also see Nilin scaling some buildings in order to reach her target. Again, this reminded me of Assassin’s Creed simply due to movement style and how you might be restricted as to where you can climb from and jump to. Capcom has promised us a variety of ways to accomplish missions, so here’s hoping this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how to approach a mission.

The trailer ends with what looks like a boss fight. A much larger foe, who seems to be similar to Nilin (perhaps a rival ‘memory hunter’), seeks Nilin out for a fight. Again, not much is really shown of the battle itself, although you do see some nifty combos being pulled off that seem to be causing status effects. The scene ends with a victorious Nilin walking off.

Remember Me definitely looks like it could be a very good game to get your hands on. The concept of memory hacking (shown in an earlier trailer) sounds very cool and the sci-fi setting is interesting. Nilin herself seems like a capable character and a good protagonist. It is definitely a game to be on the watch out for in 2013. Remember Me is slated for release on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in May 2013.

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