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Unwrapping Joy: How to Get Presents in Terraria Year-Round

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Terraria, a sandbox-style game by Re-Logic, offers players a unique gaming experience filled with adventure and creativity. Among the many intriguing aspects of Terraria are the in-game events, such as the Christmas event. One of the highlights of this event is the opportunity to obtain presents. However, the question arises – how to get presents in Terraria without Christmas? This article delves into the various ways to procure these festive treats outside the holiday season.

Understanding the Basics: Presents in Terraria

Presents are special items in Terraria that are typically available during the Christmas event. These are essentially ‘grab bag’-type items, each containing a random reward from a specific list. Players can open these presents by pressing the ‘Open / Activate’ button on them in their inventory. They can be opened anytime, not just within the Christmas season.

The Seasonal Limitation: Christmas Event

Ordinarily, presents are dropped by any enemy, except statue-spawned enemies and Meteor Heads, with a 1/13 (7.69%) chance during the Christmas event only. This event is usually triggered by the system clock and runs from December 15 to December 31.

The Santa Claus Dilemma

While Santa Claus is a key character associated with Christmas in Terraria, he is not available throughout the year. If you enter the world outside the Christmas event timeframe, Santa will disappear instantly. However, a dedicated ‘Santa world’ can be created for interactions with Santa as needed, with the system clock being adjusted accordingly.

Exploring Other Sources: Frost Legion and Frost Moon

Contrary to popular belief, the Frost Legion does not drop presents. While you can trigger the Frost Legion event outside of the holidays, your supply of Snow Globes, which initiate the event, will eventually deplete. However, reaching wave 15 or wave 20 of the Frost Moon event can trigger a single in-game day of Christmas, even outside the designated date, thereby allowing the collection of presents.

Overcoming Challenges: The Bestiary Dilemma

One of the challenges that players face in Terraria is completing the Bestiary, the in-game creature catalog. Certain enemies associated with the Christmas event, like gift slimes, are only available during this period, making it difficult to achieve 100% completion. However, the Frost Moon event can help to overcome this hurdle.

The System Clock Trick

An easy workaround to enjoy the Christmas event outside the holiday season is to adjust the system clock to a date within the event timeframe. Remember to be cautious, as an incorrect date can lead to internet connectivity issues, and manipulating dates can result in unexpected effects.

The Old Christmas Event

In the earlier versions of Terraria, the Christmas event was less elaborate. Over time, the developers have introduced more complex features to make the event more engaging. With each update, the methods to obtain presents have also evolved.

The Update 1.2.2: A Christmas Surprise

The 1.2.2 update, also known as the Christmas update, brought significant changes to Terraria. Apart from introducing the Frost Moon event, it also modified the mechanics of presents. Now, enemies dropped a single ‘Present’ item instead of the previous Blue, Green, and Yellow Presents. The new presents were stackable, placeable, and contained a larger assortment of possible drops.

The Joy of Giving: Monsters and Presents

Interestingly, in Terraria, monsters drop presents upon defeat during the Christmas event. This unique feature adds a festive twist to the gaming experience, turning each enemy encounter into a potential gift-giving moment.


While the Christmas event is a seasonal feature in Terraria, there are several ways to enjoy the joy of unwrapping presents outside this period. Whether it is through triggering the Frost Moon event, creating a dedicated ‘Santa world’, or adjusting the system clock, the festive spirit of Christmas can be experienced throughout the year. So, gear up for a year-round Christmas adventure in the enchanting world of Terraria. And make sure to send a gift to your friend.