Terraria Tips: How to Favorite Items for Quick Access

Venturing into the sandbox world of Terraria, players are inundated with a plethora of items and tools, all of which aid in the exploration, combat, crafting, and survival aspects of the game. With such a vast inventory at your disposal, organizing these items becomes crucial. One significant feature Terraria offers to help manage your items is the option to “favorite” them. This guide will delve into the nitty-gritty of how to favorite items in Terraria, ensuring you keep essential items within easy reach and protect them from accidental removal or loss.

Understanding the ‘Favorite’ Function

Before we delve into the methods of how to favorite items in Terraria across various platforms, it’s essential to understand what this function truly entails. Favoriting an item in Terraria essentially “locks” it in your inventory, preventing accidental removal, quick stacking, depositing, or trashing of the item. This feature safeguards your most valued items, ensuring they’re always at your fingertips, ready for use.

Favoriting Items in Terraria on PC and Mac

For PC and Mac players, favoriting items in Terraria is a straightforward process. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Access your inventory by pressing the ‘ESC’ key
  2. Hold the ‘Left Alt’ key
  3. Click on the item you wish to favorite

A border will appear around the favorited item, signifying its locked status in your inventory.

Note: If you equip a favorited item and then move it back into your inventory, the favorite status will be removed. Repeat the above steps to favorite the item again.

Favoriting Items on PlayStation 4 and 5

For PlayStation 4 and 5 players, the concept of ‘favoriting’ isn’t directly applicable. Instead, you can bind items to your D-Pad, which serves a similar purpose. Here’s the process:

  1. Open your inventory by pressing the ‘Square’ or ‘Triangle’ button
  2. Select the item you wish to bind
  3. Press the desired direction on the D-Pad

The item is now bound to your D-Pad and can be quickly accessed in the heat of exploration or battle.

Favoriting Items on Xbox One and X|S Series

Similar to the PlayStation 4 and 5, the Xbox One and X|S Series don’t offer a direct ‘favorite’ function. However, you can bind items to your D-Pad. Here’s how:

  1. Access your inventory by pressing the ‘Y’ button
  2. Select the item you wish to bind
  3. Press the desired direction on the D-Pad

The item is now bound to your D-Pad, providing swift access during gameplay.

Favoriting Items on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch users, unfortunately, don’t have the option to favorite items in Terraria. However, they can utilize the ‘Radial Hotbar’ to quickly access essential items. Here’s how:

  1. Hold the right bumper to open your Hotbar
  2. Point to the item using the Analog Stick and release

By following the above steps, you can quickly equip the desired item by opening the radial hotbar and selecting it.

Favoriting Items on Mobile Platforms

Unfortunately, the feature to favorite items in Terraria is currently unavailable for mobile players. Keep an eye out for updates, as developers may add this useful feature in the future!

Recommended Items to Favorite in Terraria

While you can favorite any item in Terraria, some items are more beneficial to keep in your favorites list due to their frequent use or importance. Here are some recommended items to favorite:

  • Weapons and Tools: Keep your most frequently used weapons and tools favorited for quick access during exploration and combat
  • Informational Accessories: These provide useful information such as time, the number of nearby enemies, and the presence of traps
  • Ammos: Crucial for fishing and combat scenarios. By favoriting them, you ensure you never run out of ammo when it matters most
  • Torches: These are indispensable when exploring underground caves where natural light is scarce
  • Potions and Buffs: These can significantly influence the outcome of battles and expeditions, so it’s beneficial to keep them favorited
  • Magic Mirror: This item allows you to teleport and avoid deadly falls, making it essential to keep favorited


Mastering the ‘favorite’ function in Terraria is a game-changer, especially for those venturing into the challenging realms of this sandbox world. Whether you’re playing on PC, console, or handheld devices, knowing how to favorite items in Terraria will significantly enhance your gameplay, ensuring your most valued items are safe and easily accessible. So, get in there, favorite your essential items, and conquer Terraria’s vast world!