A Guide to Vertical Mobility: Creating Stairs in Terraria

If you’re a seasoned Terraria player, you’re no stranger to the importance of stairs. They’re not just a way to ascend to new heights in your Terraria world, but also a key element in your architectural endeavors. Whether you’re looking to create a multi-story fortress, an aesthetic spiral staircase, or a simple ladder, understanding how to make stairs in Terraria is essential.


Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to make stairs in Terraria, covering everything from the basics, to creating spiral stairs, stone stairs, and stairs for NPCs. Let’s dive in!

Stairs in Terraria: The Basics

Stairs in Terraria are a fundamental type of platform used for both functional and aesthetic purposes. They are a practical solution for vertical movement in your Terraria world, serving as a swift and efficient way to navigate through your multi-story buildings. Besides, they can also inhibit certain enemies and facilitate strategic boss fights.

The process of crafting stairs in Terraria is relatively straightforward. It primarily involves the use of platforms and a hammer of any type. However, you need to correctly sequence the steps and use the tools appropriately to create functional stairs.

Materials Required to Craft Stairs

To start crafting stairs, you’ll need two crucial items:

  • A hammer of any material
  • Platforms

The material of the hammer doesn’t impact your stair-building process, making it accessible even for beginners. Similarly, platforms are easy to craft, and their type won’t significantly affect the functionality of your stairs.

Crafting a Hammer and Platforms

You can create a Wooden Hammer with the help of a workbench. All you need is eight pieces of wood. Once you have a hammer, you can proceed to make platforms.

Platforms in Terraria are versatile and can be crafted from various materials found in the game’s diverse biomes. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, you can create wooden, bamboo, bone, or even stone platforms. Each platform type will reflect its material in the final appearance of your stairs.

Crafting Basic Stairs in Terraria

Once you have your hammer and platforms ready, you can commence the stair-building process. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Start by placing the platforms diagonally, one after the other, where you envision your stairs.
  2. With your Wooden Hammer, hit each platform once. This action will transform the platforms into stairs.
  3. If you’re not satisfied with the slope of your stairs, you can repeatedly hit them with the hammer until you achieve the desired look.

Remember, if you make any errors or want to modify the stairs, you can use a Pickaxe to dismantle them. This tool allows for quick corrections, providing flexibility in your construction process.

Crafting Spiral Stairs in Terraria

Spiral stairs are a more intricate and aesthetically pleasing version of regular stairs. Crafting them is slightly more complex, but the result is worth the extra effort. Here’s how you can create a spiral staircase:

  1. Start by crafting wooden beams at a sawmill. Each piece of wood will yield two wooden beams. Place them on top of each other in the location where you want to build your simple staircase.
  2. Then, place the platforms adjacent to the bottom of the platform and gradually move up the beams, placing platforms one tile over from the platforms below, cutting through them as necessary.
  3. As you progress upwards, switch directions and place the platforms on the other side of the beams, maintaining symmetry.
  4. Continue this process until you reach the desired height of your simple staircase.
  5. Finally, hit each platform with your hammer to transform them into stairs.

A key tip for making a spiral staircase is to establish a consistent pattern for the platform placement. This consistency will help you maintain symmetry and make the staircase look neat and organized.

Crafting Stone Stairs in Terraria

Stone stairs are a more durable and visually distinct variant of regular stairs. They are immune to lava and can add a rugged look to your Terraria buildings. Here’s how you can create stone stairs:

  1. Gather a hammer, gray bricks for crafting stone platforms, and walls. You’ll also need a pickaxe for corrections.
  2. Once you’ve crafted your stone platforms, place them diagonally where you want to build your staircase.
  3. Hit each platform once with the hammer to connect them and form slanted stairs.

Stone stairs offer both aesthetic and practical benefits. They provide a unique look to your structures and offer resistance against lava, making them an ideal choice for buildings in lava-rich environments.

Crafting Stairs for NPCs

If you’re looking to facilitate the movement of NPCs in your buildings, crafting stairs for them is a key consideration. The process of making stairs for NPCs is no different than crafting basic stairs. Regular wooden stairs are usually sufficient for their movement.

However, bear in mind that NPCs struggle to navigate complex stair arrangements. Also, they can’t use spiral stairs or ladders, and platforms placed on top of staircases can block their path. Therefore, when crafting stairs for NPCs, simplicity is the key.

Crafting Ladders

Besides stairs, ladders are another vertical mobility solution you can create in Terraria. To make a ladder, place platforms as high as necessary and surround them with, for example, wooden beams. You can finish off the ladder by adding suitable walls around it. Just like stairs, you can use a pickaxe to correct any misplaced blocks.

Crafting Stairs in Terraria Mobile

If you’re playing Terraria on a mobile device, the process of crafting stairs remains largely the same. You can craft most platforms using your inventory, and the stair-building process involves the same steps as in the PC and console versions of the game.

Troubleshooting Stair-Building Issues

Sometimes, Terraria players might encounter difficulties in crafting stairs. If you’re unable to make stairs in Terraria, it could be due to the limitations of the PC version, which only displays craftable items based on your current resources. In such situations, consulting the “Guide” NPC can help you access tips and crafting recipes for stairs. If you’ve lost your Guide NPC, you can make them respawn by building a suitable house.


Crafting stairs in Terraria is a fundamental skill that enhances your gaming experience. Whether you’re creating a sprawling mansion or a simple dwelling, stairs provide easy mobility and add a touch of sophistication to your structures. With this guide at hand, you’re now equipped to create various types of stairs in Terraria, adding depth and dimension to your in-game architectural endeavors.

Remember, Terraria is a game that encourages creativity and experimentation. Don’t shy away from trying new stair designs or experimenting with different materials. The sky is the limit when it comes to building in Terraria. So, grab your hammer and platforms, and start crafting your stair masterpiece today!