Sneaky Ways to Cheat at Slots

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Slots are some of the most profitable games not just in a brick-and-mortar casino but also in an online casino. With big payouts available, no wonder slots are the most popular choice. It is easy to play.

At almost all online casinos, including the new online casino Spinz Casino, you will find many exciting slots to play. There is a range of them available. In a brick-and-mortar casino, you will find multiple slot machines.

If you want to know a few sneaky ways to cheat slots, you can use the tricks given below,

1. Cheat Code

Gambling authorities make sure that the gaming industry is operating fairly and correctly. Gaming machines are designed by developers so they can be audited and monitored while delivering quality gameplay. Nevertheless, what happens when the developer decides to rig the codes for their benefit?

Ronald Dale Harris is the infamous slots cheat. The developer Nevada Gaming Commission did especially that. For years, he has been cheating machines by knowing the source codes and it was not until his partner won $100,000 by playing a Keno game in 1998. It is a scam that had been discovered.

2. Shaved Coins

Cheats love it when coins are being cut. With time technology is advancing, and slot machines began to use a light sensor for registering payment. In many devices, the optic sensors work separately from the physical comparator.

So, if a shaved coin is sent down at the same as an object, which matches the size and shape of the stake coin, the saved coin is going to be returned while the purpose is going to land in the machine and you can start to play.

3. Fake and Foreign Coins

It is one of the most tricks used for cheating slots. Back in time, fake coins were primarily washers; the disc-shaped metal pieces are used for spacing, liquid protection, load distribution, and vibration absorption in beds, bikes, and small machines.

The ideal cheating tools were washers as they hold the same weight as US coins. They look like coins and fit inside slots without any hassle. Thus, using washers for playing slots is so rampant that most casinos began frisking players before letting them access slots.

Another common trick that cheaters use is foreign coins. For instance, there was a time the where Mexican peso looks and weights the same as the US coin. Yet it was just worth an American cent. The outcome: cheaters use to go to Vegas with Mexican pesos for using them to play slots at a cheaper price.

4. Hacking Random Number Generator Software

You cannot hack into Random Number Generator software with the help of magnets. But there are ways to beat software. Some hackers have hacked RNG software and have managed to win big. The most popular case is a Russian hacker ring. They used reversed engineering machines to decide when they are going to pay out.

The key hacker was from Russia but he was running operations from across the world. His primary task was to research slots by Aristocrat through reverse engineering. Then he is going to hack their data to instruct his operatives on when they are going to time their wins. The hacker was able to make millions by hacking slots in Russia, the US, and Europe for more than a decade.

5. Bill Validator Device

It is straightforward slots cheat. It is a little that’s wrapped around a recommendation for fooling the sweepstakes slots into believing it is accepting a $100 bill when in reality it is taking a little $1 statement. It is a scam that was thought up in a seedy bar out in the Nevada wilderness by Uncle Fuzz and Billy-Joe.

6. Piano Wire

It is an old trick but is a good choice in the sweepstakes slots cheats world. At the Caesars Boardwalk Regency casino in Atlantic City, a group of men worked together in 1982. A man then opened the slot machine and attached piano wires that were 20 inches to the game’s whirring guts.

Then they used the lines for jamming the timer, which held the rotations of the wheels. Thus, the group was able to form coins. They hit $50,000. However, the scam had been filmed and the winning member had been caught before leaving the premises.

7. Computer Chip Replacement

Dennis Nikrash brought a new change to the concept. After purchasing a slot machine and making some changes in his garage for figuring out the flaws. He works out the computer chips in the devices and then re-programmed them for manipulating payout jackpots with a simple tap.

Nikrash came up with multiple chips, got a team of scammers, got some slot machine keys, and began a reign of scamming, which would bleed casinos dry for several years. He was able to do this just by switching the independent chips. There was for the chips that had been manipulated.

8. Software Glitch

Often, casino decline to pay a jackpot that is due to a glitch in the software. One of the most popular incidents took place in 2015 when his grandmother Pauline McKee, from Illinois, got a win on a Miss Kitty slot machine. She got $41 million from this slot.

When claimed in 2021. However, his request had been denied 3 years later. Sadly, historical examples are the primary reason for the casino winning the event.

Cheats have been manipulating software glitches for many years. When you play specific bet patterns and game members can throw the machine and trigger bugs, which will pay out the jackpot.

Multiple sweepstake slots cheat serves from this for multiple years. However, casinos deny many jackpot conquerors their amount.

Final Words

Even though there have been multiple systems in place for cheating slots over the years, technology made them obsolete. What’s worse is people who had been a part of the scam had been arrested. Technology is advancing. So, it is not worth trying to cheat in the game.

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