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Anime television shows have become quite popular in the Western world. And unlike in Japan, where they are present everywhere, there are not that many sources to watch anime shows in the US. Luckily, there are always websites like Animedao that offer you a convenient way to watch anime.

At the Animedao website, you get complete access to anime genres, including Shoujo Ai, Action, Samurai, Romance, Comedy, and more.

What is it?

The best way to describe Animedao is an anime website. It is a simple way to watch anime from all different genres.

The website has everything you want, from television anime series to movies. Anime Dao can be tailored to a different audience.

They offer shows with both Japanese and English subtitles. And you do not have to pay for watching any show. A few clicks are what keep you away from watching your favorite anime.

Best Features of AnimeDao

If you are an anime lover, this website is a must for a daily source of entertainment. But what makes it so special? It is all about the features. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Watch several types of animated TV shows and movies in more than one language
  • The website has an interactive user interface that is quite easy to use and navigate
  • The website provides access to any anime lover and anime fan
  • Updated from time to time to keep up with new quality anime content
  • You get notifications regarding new content to make sure you are up to date with latest anime series
  • You can bookmark your favorite content
  • Users can search for anime shows in alphabetical order
  • Switch to a dark theme at any moment for a better viewing experience

What are some of the advantages?

You can say Anime Dao is a great and safe application you can use to stream good quality anime content. The website allows you to change video quality from a low 144p to a higher quality of 1080p, depending on your internet connection and speed.

There are four languages available for watching in a different language. Most importantly, the AnimeDao website is easy to navigate. The clean interface and decent loading speed make it a fan favorite.

The website is fully free and doesn’t ask you for any confirmation or subscription to use it. There are some ads, but if you want to watch anime without ads, you can always buy the premium version at a very good cost.

Is it Legit?

The website is pretty safe but not really legit. If you didn’t know, it is illegal to watch anime for free.

After using the website for a while, you can be sure it is safe. But you should be careful not to click on an advertisement, as they can take you to some third-party sites that might contain harmful stuff. The Anime Dao website doesn’t control which ads appear on the site.

It should be perfectly clear that by watching anime or a free streaming site you are promoting piracy and harming the anime industry. It is not legit, but due to the popularity of anime, more and more people are looking for options to watch anime shows.

If you want to watch anime safely, you should check some legal websites where you pay for a subscription. Free streaming websites usually get their revenue from ads, and that can be a potential malware issue.

Piracy is never legit, so think about it in the back of your mind.

What are the downsides?

It is not all milk and honey. Not everything is great about a free streaming website. There are some downsides.

For example, yes there are ads, but in the past, Anime Dao had fewer ads. Now, you get almost 10 ads before you can actually play the video and a couple more to go to full screen.

In some ways, anime fans are calling it unusable. There are some other downsides you need to consider:

  • The user interface is not that great
  • The website doesn’t sync with MAL or Anilist
  • Ads appear out of nowhere
  • The servers are slow

How do they earn money?

As we mentioned before, any site that provides free streaming services has to find other sources of revenue. In other words, if the website works illegally to earn money, it does it through the use of ads.

Sometimes, these websites start with a couple of ads, and then gradually increase the number as the viewer base increases.

These websites are safe at first, but you never know when it all goes downhill.

Now, if you love anime and are looking for ways to watch it, AnimeDao is a valuable option. But you have to be aware that there will be ads. Or, get the premium version to watch anime without ads.

How to watch anime shows?

The moment you enter website, you get a big chunk of anime shows. On the home screen, you get some of the most recent episodes from various anime shows. Click on any if you want to watch it.

If you want to narrow down your search, go to the list tab. When you click this tab, you can narrow down your search by several filters.

AnimeDao has filters for genres like Supernatural, comedy, fantasy, ecchi, gourmet, harem, mystery, parody, and more. The other filters include Rating (PG, G, PG 13, R+), by alphabetical order or Letter, the year it was produced, the status of the TV show (ongoing and completed), score, and order from A to Z or Date old to new.

Why is anime so popular?

Anime is getting more and more popular in the US. And a big reason for that is social media and the new generation wanting to explore new things. Anime is one of those mysterious things that come from Japan and Eastern culture.

As such, anime is growing in popularity. We also have to note that the stories that anime and manga tell should not be overlooked. These shows have great writing.

Anime became popular in America with the founding of Streamline Pictures, the first anime import company in 1989. Since then, the widespread commercialization of anime started. In the next years, anime fans became more connected to the genre through conventions and the internet.

Remember, anime is unique in its art style. It is much different than anything else you have watched before. And because these shows are animated, they carry heavy themes that can range from lighthearted to more mature. Anime is reliable to all audiences, even though at first glance you might think of them as children’s shows.

Nowadays, more and more people find watching anime is a source of comfort and entertainment.

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