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Finding a new job in 2022 is easier than some 10 to 15 years ago. Nowadays, the average number of times people are changing their jobs is between 10 and 15. Mobility is quite visible. The days of sticking with the same company for decades appear to be over. WorkNOLA is a platform where people from New Orleans can find a suitable job.

With all the transitioning from job to job, combined with millions of new graduates entering the labor market, the question is how to find a good job.

Digital technology plays a huge part in recruitment nowadays. This is why some of the best ways to find a new job include online job searching platforms, networking, online search, social media channels, and more.

What is it?

Now let’s talk about WorkNOLA, the leading website for professional employment listing in the Greater New Orleans region.

Powered by Greater New Orleans Inc., the goal of the project is to increase the economic strength of the region. How do they do that? By connecting a talented workforce with the needs of area companies and organizations.

WorkNOLA is free to use for both employers and job seekers. Originally founded by Nola Yurp, and other partners, it was acquired by GNO, INC through a donation from Make New Orleans Home in 2011.

Remember, when you use the website, you agree to obey the rules outlined in the Terms of Use.

How it benefits you?

Now you might be wondering why should use the website. Well, there are multiple benefits for both job seekers and employers.

For example, job seekers can look for internships, hospitality jobs, training, higher education, leadership development programs, networking resources, young professional organizations, and more.

Basically, you can either find a job or find sources to educate yourself and re-enter the labor market with a new profession. Or, if you want to improve your skills, get some higher education.

Employers benefit from using the online website as well. But it is much simpler for them. They can either post a job and wait for applicants to find it, or browse the talent directory. Browsing the talent directory allows employers to find potential employees for their company.

It is best that both employers and job seekers check the events calendar.

Search talent

Now let’s talk more about searching for talent. This is a feature that many employers will find quite useful.

The website has a special category, search talent. There, employers can find a suitable employee depending on skills and experience.

How does it work? Well, you start by entering skills, industry, job title, or keywords in the first field. Or you can enter only skills in the second field. Or write the job title and description in the third field.

No matter which way you use, the website will return results suitable for your job position. This way, you can contact a potential candidate directly.

Of course, candidates have to fill in information about their skills and experience when they register on the website. This is what allows companies to search for them later on.

The Redesign

WorkNOLA is an old website. As such, it has gone through several transformations and redesigns. In September 2012, the website went through one of the biggest redesigns.

At the time, Greater New Orleans Inc launched the job search website. highlighted employment opportunities in the New Orleans region.

It was developed by GNO Inc and 504ward, a collaborative of organizations that wanted to keep young talent in the city.

Among the new functions, the website matches job function and skill set. This way, employees with the right skills can find jobs.

They also added a new listing process allowing employers to ask job seekers to rate themselves on the most important skills from a given job. This provided a starting point for a job interview.

The website also included a resume builder, helping seekers create their new resume or upload an existing one.

What is new?

It has been 10 years since the website was redesigned. But yet, people are still asking what is new. First and foremost, if you had an account with the old website, it is still active. You only need to reset your password to enter the website. It is also advisable to update your profile so that you enjoy the benefits of the website.

The new website offers the best job listings and many more tools for job seekers and employers. Here is a quick breakdown:

New features for job seekers:

  • Store resumes, cover letters, and work samples so that you can easily apply to different jobs
  • Create a full profile and rate your skills, providing a fuller picture of your professional experience
  • A new talent directory that allows employers to search for eligible job seekers by skills, function, and industry
  • Browse employer profiles including information such as work environment and benefits. This will help you make more informed decision

New features for employers:

  • Enhanced profile that allows you to promote your business and organization
  • Talent directory that helps you find potential talent and amazing employees
  • Skill rating system allows you to make the best matches with potential employees
  • Online application system, an easy way to manage applications

Helping the community

WorkNola is not only a website that helps employers find employees and job seekers find a job. It is also a project that helps the Greater New Orleans area and community.

In 2021, they hosted a Talent Den. Partnering with Idea Village, the goal of the WorkNola Talent Den was to position the website as a virtual hub for talent recruitment.

They also wanted to make a forum that will connect local job seekers with career opportunities in the area.

The WorkNola Talent Den featured virtual recruitment booths, spotlight sessions, and one-on-one appointments with hiring managers from local companies. Some of the companies included Ochsner Health, iSeatz, Revelry, Resilia, Lucid, KeyString Labs, Lookfar, and more.

Over the years, has strived to increase the economic strength of the region. And by connecting a talented workforce with the needs of the companies, they have helped the community immensely.

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